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Dot com. All the social media there. Make sure you stop by. I do want to make mention of this Kerry, you saw the story earlier that you did. I know that a ton of people don't listen on radio stations. Now, I appreciate your listening on radio stations. We get our ratings from you listening actually on radio stations. We appreciate the hundred twenty radio stations that took a chance on on this crazy show and his crazy guy. But a lot of people listen on the stream there are a few reasons. Why one some of you move around like the guy Brad? Who wasn't the brand called in? Hopefully, the guy Brad who who like loves your chocolate, boys. Yeah. He's from town to town to town. And he wants to know where he he actually listens on the radio when he could find station where he is when he can't he'll listen on the street. You get a lot of people who say listen on the stream, but that'd be was numbers like this. I mean, they just did a study of the top fifty. Streamed radio shows in America. And again, I think we've mentioned this before there are five thousand estimated to be five thousand talk show host to the country by talkers magazine or somebody. But out of the top fifty we're number twenty four, and we're ahead of a lot of really heavy hitters. I saw that today to congratulate you because that's pretty awesome. Well, congratulate yourself and congratulate polo and Sam I mean, we're we're doing it as as well as we can. And it's unfortunate because there are a lot of markets where we can't get a station because there were contracts and company, politics and whatever else, and you just can't get a station and God bless, and they do whatever they need to do on their individual stations on my here to let anybody up for not carrying us. But it always just blows my mind to see how many people actually will go and seek the show out on the stream and listen live on the internet when they can't listen on the radio station. And I just wanted to say, I appreciate you were aware of you. We know that your that you listeners, and and I hear from you all the time because I'll get emails from people that are in towns that I know the show is an on. Right. So you know, that it's being listened to not specific numbers. But a couple of these people that were ahead of our like big time players lower ahead of these guys. Holy mackerel. There listening carry locking are. They are now as part of the study they said if you raised your game, we could probably be number twenty next next year. Just saying. Game you're saying they actually did that. Study. The tangent. The study. There's a survey within the study where they said, let's ask him about the girl. Yeah. Did see that? I didn't I missed that part. Yeah. Well, read the whole thing through sometimes you gotta take a minute. Eight eight nine four one pags joepags dot com. Actually, cool. I appreciate you guys a lot. Of course, it's the entire team. It's not just me. Of course, the list, they just put joepags, but it's the whole it's the whole thing. Let me go to the phone lines. At sale would welcome to line one. It's going to be angel in Washington. I Angela what's going on. Oh this Gavin gals. Joel things with you living, the dream, my friend, talk to me global warming, you cow farts are ruining the atmosphere. Well, that's. That's. Secured science inexact science. It was failed on follow the information. Right. And I'm sorry. Mitha Cossio feels like she does. That's gotta be terrible waking up every day with that on your chest. But it's it's it was it's as bad as as the awards they were put together on all the information. And right. And so the whole thing focus from the bottom up, why agree with you. And and there there there's actual real information. The the university of East Anglia, those emails the UN. I mean, this stuff is made up. It's a hoax without a doubt. Everything that Al Gore predicted would happen didn't happen, then we're just supposed to forget that he ever predicted that it would happen. Now, this idiot is saying in twelve years, it'll be the end of the earth. It won't stop angel on his cows in Washington. Well, can you imagine the eggs that young lady feels every day? But it's it's it's awful. How's our fault? Well, we taught a generation that their feelings matter feelings don't matter to anybody. But they are we given people participation trophies. We, you know, and and it's they're feeling if this is a this is another Ponzi scheme, the people at the top are making money off of the deal, and she's far enough down the line that she probably won't make any it's kind of like Amway. But. But you know, this is. They're pretty arrogant. God created this world, and he did it in a perfect manner. And if we say, we're gonna tear it up or destroy what he created were either horribly misguided her very arrogant angel. I hear you get back to the cows. Yes, arrogant is a is an appropriate word also unintelligent also ignorant. Also immature. Also childish lot of words that I can use for Alexandria, Cossio Cortez to carry. Here's my quandary. Here's here's the catch twenty two. I have I think it's dangerous have people who think like her in our congress. I don't think that she should be in there. I think New York hopefully will wake up and realize it's mistaking get rid of her in two years. Having said that it's actually really great politically that she's in there because Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will not be able to back this woman as she continues with this ridiculous rhetoric. Yeah. And it might push them to the center because she's pulling the whole party to the left good. It's funny. You mentioned that because later on in the story, I was reading because I guess Nancy Pelosi seemed really wary of of supporting this because I guess today. Let me see I guess political had asked Pelosi whether or not the committee be focusing on the green new deal and she dismissed the idea, quote, it'll be one of several or maybe many suggestions. We received. She said the green the green dream or whatever they call it. Nobody knows what it is that therefore it, right? Today. So the green dream. She's the speaker is is an onboard. And I guess when they release this there. I don't know where they're getting their facts that they said ninety two percent of Democrats and sixty four percent of Republicans support the green new deal. That's a lie. Ally. Who said that when they released their plan today Okaz Cortes Marquis. They both said that this. They've got support from. Ninety two percent of Democrats sixty four percent of Republicans support this deal. So I think what they're doing. I'll bet this is what they're talking about ninety two percent of all Democrats agree with something in there. Maybe sixty four percent of Republicans agree with something. And maybe there's one thing in there. That said, hey, let's make sure that we don't kill babies or so actually killing babies would be okay with them. Let's make sure that we plant a tree in our neighborhood. I mean, it's going to be something innocuous that many people would have a hard time saying, well, I'm against trees, or whatever believe me. There's no possible way of planet earth that even thirty percent of Democrats support it in its entirety, and they're not even zero percent of Republicans support it in. It's entirety. Nancy Pelosi kids aborted she's got a seven thirty seven or a seven forty seven at her at her waiting anytime. She snaps her fingers. She's got a gigantic plane get rid of a plane within ten years. Give me. That's a fun way to travel back to poop. Ville carries it appropriate to call severance Cisco cookeville. Well, I guess because there is a big Pook problem there. There's a. I think you should be called poop Ville. I don't either poop Ville or or San Hoopoe poop till I think feels. Yeah. I think so. Yeah. The first one. Yeah. All right. So we've got Abigail maroon coming up from a from campus reform dot org some nuttiness on campus. What are college students saying about the state of the union address? And yes, yes, toxic. Masculinity was a big topic around Super Bowl weekend. Give it here. Don't be in a job. Stay with the Joe pags.

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