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It seems like her shiloh. Buff really do not get along. There was a little music video mishap as well as margaret. Qualley involved her. I don't think they're dating anymore. After this little fiasco. Bhuttan kim kardashian and kanye west are getting a divorce. It's over for these two love birds. We really thought they were going to be. The two of may get no. We didn't but it's still. It's still sad to see and we have a recap of brigitta bridgeton because fran has officially watched and damage. She happy about it. So oh sia and also we have an interview with tori deal from the challenge our girl. She is awesome every time she comes on this show and if you love the challenge it's a great interview great inside scoop as to what happened with her jordan as well so let's get into it starting off with bolivia wild. Never come back. See paul big.

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