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Tracks and yet never trumpers like george will who should be on their knees in gratitude to donald trump i simply defeating hillary clinton if nothing else continue to look that gift tour straight in the mouth and spout only words a bitter condemnation about the forty fifth president meanwhile other never trump republicans adult by a hatred for trump just as deranged as the lapd or perhaps even more so given that unlike the left trump's ideology is not the issue they continue to rail against the president pronounced conservatives like bill kristol and david fromm over the hill gop strategists like ana navarro and steve schmidt on msnbc who've gone on untamed verbal rampages calling trump a nazi and worse if that's even possible shutting down and shouting down that is all the left and never trump republicans and conservatives have as they desperately seek to preserve their diminishing station in life at all costs and what the rank and file average ordinary normal hard working people of this country voted for be damned what they really hate is that trump is willing to say on the record what they say privately behind closed doors in cloakrooms in fancy restaurants inside the swamp take the whole dust up over when the president supposedly said the thing about the asshole countries in a meeting trumpeters went into a virtue signaling rage but how many of these outrage soul have said essentially the same thing in private only no one reports that how many of the outraged and offended souls don't say.

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