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Go on saying sorry I thought it was kind of like when she came over and he had his fight with Michael Johnson. It was like like they're going back and forth, didn't find the night him knocking him out again performs tonight as well. So is dead. Cool to see those guys come over and like, kind of knowing their heart. No, nevermind. I hate this. So, I belong about. They show you guys rocked against Johnson Gates. You got hurt or sure, you know. Yeah, it wasn't a palace as, as my coach and his debut but it was a pressing unless you're absolutely right. Beneil dariush was Tony Ferguson. I am so curious, as to what I I told I'm at home as a fan, it's almost like you can't be a fight fan or not like appreciate on purpose and I was shocked that Charles Oliveira was able to out wrestle them for 15 minutes. Yeah because he's introduced to a guy and furnace for sure. We're and you know, I can understand you could well he's not going to go out and wrestle me, but I didn't think I thought the gas was too much to, you know, guy took his whole life and then judicial Guy usually they're okay with going with their back and I was like, what is this? I don't know because there is also one of those guys like you kneel, we're dead. Every time I'm like this one's going to be tough. He knocks to share out of the guy and then he loses to a guy that I'm like oh Penn Hills. This. He's not going to lose too. He's not, you know, so this is a weird one meal. What are you saying in this fight? What do you like? I mean, I might be contradict myself ever being slightly biased, because of mileage would believe or how much regret guide is but different vitamins been here on this. I mean, the guy this great person in the cage outside the cage and he's proven himself time and time again and you can snag guys. You can rest of the guys. He cannot guys out he can go to this other guy. So I'm definitely going to ride with the news. The news on this one. Now, how does he look so out of shape? I mean, I know, I know he's totally in shape yet, like, a long talk about, like, he looks like like a, like, a middle eastern dad bod, you know, you know, but like damn, he swore. He has that like, weird, Uncle, Sam. Thanks. You know. Yeah. Yeah. And then a bill like in this one, I just think that if Ferguson loses this one. I think that's edible motion. So I want them to win because I just like I'm being in the end of promotion going to mean, it's exciting fighter. So I'm rooting for him but I don't know what I'm talking about..

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