Native Americans, America, POL discussed on Code Switch - The Supreme Court Decides In Favor Of A Racial Slur...Now What?


The early historical records they say that redskin was used as a self identifier for native americans to kind of differentiate themselves from white colonists we know here at codes which that languages all is changing and the word redskins became really negative and white people used it in a very violent way hub britair was not sanguine about the supreme court decision he wasn't happy with it i mean but at the same time he told me that the slants eightyear battle put a spotlight on their own with the washington football team and it's a fight that is now a moral issue he says not a legal one one of the most respected civil rights leaders in america was once asked about pol we'd henderson's dressed in some people in america don't find the name offensive and i think he responded perfectly when he stated quote fact were pulled testing a dictionary defined racial slur against native americans shows how much we the northern continued to ignore their basic humanity if you poll tested slavery before the civil war the majority would have supported it it doesn't make it right so rahab ritter was not exactly happy with the supreme court decision slice case but i'm short dan snyder who with the owner of the washington redskins did not feel that way i am share people dumpty gatorade thing armies he said he was thrilled with the decision any a lawyer for the football team also told a usatoday reporter that the decision quote resolves the redskins longstanding dispute with the government so even though simon tam was saying it was his free speech to reclaim a racial slur the slants he dealt a major blow to a movement trying to stop another one from being soon and there was this one group in particular that had an interesting stance it was is american advancing justice there a legal group in dc they filed an amicus brief in support of neither party and they said there should be a middleground where players shouldn't be allowed but the rules could be tailored to accommodate reclamation efforts like the slants warning there's no middle ground with this decision rahamim the court blew up.

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