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Now the US. Of course. This isn't the only country with one issue caused a huge shadow of over an election here in the UK. Party leaders have been frantically canvassing for votes on the last day of campaigning. For the general election tomorrow where Brexit is top of the agenda with other issues like climate and Britain's National Health Service not too far behind by Friday today the country will have elected a government led by prime minister. Boris Johnson's Conservative Party. All one led by the main opposition. Labor Party headed by Jeremy Corbyn or possibly another the hung parliament both of the main parties of branding. This vote is the most important in a generation and with just hours to go until the polls open. Things are getting tight joining me now. Is Jeremy on the former health secretary and former foreign secretary. Welcome back to our program. Good Evening Christiane. Gosh there's so much changed in your life and career in politics. Since we last spoke spoke foreign secretary in fact you were also challenging. Boris Johnson for the Party leadership. And you most definitely not on his side then you did not believe in Brexit. You're a remain a- where are we today. Who's going to win? Well actually just to correct you on that last point I did vote remaining but but I've always thought we have to implement the referendum results so I was in a very very much on his side in terms of believing were to get on with Brexit. But turn this is a moment. I can't remember a moment of such an enormous choice for the country because normally in election. It'll be a little shay to the left and Middle Shay to the right but this time you have the conservatives under Boris Johnson who will deliver brexit if we get the majority put that issue to bed and move on with a with a centre-right agenda. Then you have a radically different alternative Tiv- with Jeremy Corbyn the most left wing manifesto that we've had in my lifetime wholesale nationalization of private companies utility companies the rail companies. And so on. And that's why I think this is going to be an interesting election. Photon out because despite the horrible weather despite a winter I think people do feel feel. There's a lot of state. There certainly is a lot of steak. Many people are saying though feel a little down there down costs that they are voting against rather than four. I I just want to take a couple of the things you mentioned of. He'll party slogan has been get Brexit. Dumb you've just said Boris Johnson with a majority if he gets that will deliver brexit other to slightly semantically different. It's one thing to have a majority and vote through the House of Commons. That might happen. And but getting brexit done. And that's a that's just the beginning of trying to get breaks it down right because the rest is trying to create a new relationship with with Europe and with all the other countries that is not the end point this election. Well I don't accept this argument that we won't substandard be able up to get brexit down because if we pass through the deal that boss chances negotiated we will legally leave the European Union by at the end of January so brexit will have been delivered the trade deal. Of course. It's going to take a bit longer to do. But we know the outline of that because as we've seen it in the political declaration that's been made and we've had indications from the either they think the bare bones of a trade deal could be delivered by the end of next year so I think that is to come but I think we know the shape of it and I think the key point is that people vote to leave by the end of January. Legally we would have laughed it again. Yes you left but actually getting brexit Dan and Britain's you know all all it's organizations and trade and associations is going to take a lot long recordings from other people including the possibility that if things don't happen to your satisfaction they could be another off the cliff no deal situation at the end of twenty twenty which I think people just hope that this won't happen but I guess to that end. What do you make them as former foreign secretary of a senior three decade stay career? Foreign Service official writing a very tough letter of resignation. Alexandra Hall in the US Embassy saying that she could not in conscience. Continue basically peddling distortions and untruths about what Brexit is about about what relations might be. I mean this pretty tough I think breaks. It does arouse very strong. Passions on both sides of. She said that the government she was having to pedal pedal distortions by the government. I don't agree with that. And I was foreign secretary and I was responsible for all our diplomats and we would have very frank in discussions but I think that as foreign secretary we have. I ever said that this is going to be an incredibly smooth and easy process but I I understand how some people who are passionately against Brexit. Feel very uncomfortable representing a government that is committed to delivering brexit. But but I think the debate about half cruise has been distorted. I think because in the referendum campaign there were exaggerations nations but there were exaggerations on both sides we have the three hundred and fifty million pounds on the side of the bus on the one side but we also had the project fear and all the stories about about an emergency budget house prices crashing was. But I what I'm saying is I think when you step back and look at it. Objectively as you can as a journalist journalists you can see that kind of distortions that you get in any general election campaign and people knew that both sides were making those exaggerations and they made their choice your skate. So what do you say then to something. That's black and white. Boris Johnson got his got his deal by essentially selling out the unions in in Northern Ireland. Island right I mean. He just did something that Prime Minister May said. No British Prime Minister could do and that is created a separation between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. And now we've got this back-and-forth enforce again these papers and recordings where he's basically saying that they won't have to be any immune cheese or tariffs you know on on on on on goods going to and from we're just going to play this little soundbite because it seems really difficult to understand what he's saying. George you know perfectly well the goods going from and I will have no checks. 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