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Berry burbank has a fourday wbz accu weather forecast nice daytoday sunny to partly cloudy the temperature goes to about seventy of the or just under with that breeze onshore eighty well inland becoming cloudy tonight low's near fifty six after the lower 70s tomorrow a little bit higher humidity later in the afternoon showers are most likely later in the day but it could occur earlier in western new england and showers around in the morning along the coast in southeastern mass on saturday than breaks of sunshine possible in the afternoon highs wellness 70s and muggy men up to eighty seven for father's day partly sunny with a gusty seventy win it'll be in the seventy southeastern mass indicate the could be a shower or thunder storm and few isolated spots i'm wbz tv meteorologist berry bre bank on wbz news radio 1030 seventy of life aboard a tall ship wbz's chris bob i is on the chilean barking teen esmeralda bound for boston harbor and sale boston this weekend wbz's carl steven says curious about the cuisine on board any ask chris about it in the morning joy in the mid rinjiro of a traditional euprotected served with it already marmalade i edited during the want bear ben bridge either in our god which is not or you'd expect it you're in italy at rotten rebel were valued even get to america out braggart either you eat it'd be captured private mad which we the europe will be room are ridgewood shied warden braff big here had been cured of cultural path of your way and commander within the naval academy and also opted wonderful greco where morale doubt we had earth gorth was a rope we little gig walk of moley wedded to nato educator why auburn lionel it was roasted pork chop our tomato grey rag came up property my you'd over at at barroga a real dokee and a fair and pigs would audited world chris.

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