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The U. S. Is punishing. It's a slow go on the water one in Woodland Hills. Right now we're seeing some crowded conditions on the South bound side giving away from Topanga Canyon. You're on the brakes and stretches to the 405. Now beyond the four or five. It's pretty slow moving ahead all the way to the 1 71 34 You have a little bit of an opening through the cooling to pass more delay served up in Hollywood from Sunset Boulevard rolling into downtown Los Angeles. Let's check in with Mike O'Brien K a pie in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. He's checking out Norco Angel. We've had a problem here. So 15 South Bend right around the city and a river wash. Just into Darko South 15 looks like past Lima night or before six. It's right up to the right shoulder on this one. It is still very heavy. Looks like back to the 60. We still have problems into the go home passed. That was an earlier small brushfire, but firefighters have blocked the right lane on the North 15 approaching Sierra. Looks like that's backed up through baseline back before the 2 10 and now I'm seeing a lot of South bound soy and that same vicinity so they may have blocked something on the South 15 their internal accident. Visit Superwoman Super Lawyer Calm Mike O'Brien KF eye in the sky. Hey, FBI in the sky helps get you there Faster. I'm Angel Martinez. Red flag conditions Continue. Love. Look at your Christmas Day forecast after this. Hello. Hi, Amy. I'm a helpful Southern California haunted person and I'm calling to give you up Random Act of helpfulness. Oh, wow. We heard you could use our help getting some presence. It's been a while to.

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