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You subscribe to net flix while there's a good chance that you're not an Amazon prime subscriber of role. Why pay twice? But then of course, you'd have missed out on such hit series as marvelous MRs Maicel and the recent Thrilla homecoming starring Julia Roberts. And if you're interested in the new superhero series titans. Well, you'd best start a painful access to DC's own streaming platform, and what about reruns of the classic sitcom, the golden girls. Well, you need to subscribe to Hulu for that. Confused. Well, you're not the only one Monaco's Fernando Augusta Pacheco is he a finance NBC has just announced that it will launch its own streaming platform too. Many too many. I mean, it's getting more crowded and crowded effing next year well thousand nineteen we have the Disney one the Warner won by early two thousand twenty two just found. Out the NBC has its own plans, which they have kept it quiet in. But certainly they they say, well, we're into business and to be honest. It doesn't surprise me because I'm sure they don't wanna be behind of all the other networks and major studios as well. Even my my home country. Brazil was very much surprised by the number of of kind of streaming services. So I think this is happening all over the world as well. And you're right. Ben, it does get very confusing. Yeah. It gets confusing and it gets very expensive as well. And if you look at it, it's it's it's kind of funny. I it seems to replicate the old way that people would consume movies to go and watch a movie you would have to go to the theater that was owned by paramount to watch the movies made by paramount. And the same was truthful all the other studios, it was all very fractured. And then, of course, it started to I suppose, some people might say democratize out a little bit you had cinemas that ran themselves and so on and and that made it easier for smaller independence to get out there as well. But now we seem to be going back to help. Before where to watch Disney product, you're going to have to go to the Disney streaming platform to watch Amazon product, you need to subscribe to Amazon and so on and so on what's that going to being full the smaller products? I wonder if every all of this Ben is going to be good actually for the cable networks because just coming back quickly for the NBC one. So they will actually be available in in most of those kind of cable TV networks only few don't have cable than you will pay believe twelve dollars for the services. Well, as you're saying, it is getting confusing. But there's another good aspect of that in my opinion. When you look at Netflix when it was launched. I mean, they they are these to keep adding subscribers people thinking, oh, this is almost like a monopoly. Well, that's not the case a fee. Netflix will have to rethink a little bit about the content because surprise them some of the Disney content might not be there for long as well. And and with some maybe I don't know with. We'll the NBC shows be at Netflix as well. Exactly. V the big ones once they started to realize that they can also attract their earned subscribers..

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