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Station sponsored by fast water bill o 'neill is at the editors desk i'm taylor van size now the headlines that were following for 24 7 news center five service members have been injured after a small navy boat crashed off the coast of coronado california it happened overnight early in the morning technically when the small boat hit zuniga point jetty just off of the north island navy base at coronado and san diego bay during a naval special warfare training mission the navy says all five are now in stable condition and president biden says we need more than just thoughts and prayers to combat gun violence he was in connecticut at the university of hartford one year marking one year since the safer communities act became law the man accused of killing two indiana teenagers six years ago felt made a court appearance suspect richard allen in a yellow jumpsuit and shackles arriving at a court hearing delphi in indiana thursday where prosecutors told the judge allen allegedly confessed five or six times to killing best friends abby williams and libby german while he was in custody defense attorneys did not dispute the allegation but argue the confession is unreliable because of his deteriorating mental and physical health asking the judge to move him out of a maximum security prison and to another facility these incriminating statements that came out in court today can be used both ways the state is going to be looking to use them to cooperate a confession and the defense is going to be using them to support their theory that he is currently having mental health issues and needs treatment since 13 year old abby and 14 year old libby's bodies were covered back on valentine's day 2017 investigators zeroed in on chilling audio libby recorded believed to be their killer's voice 50 year old alan a married father charged last october after prosecutors say they linked an unspent bullet found at the crime scene to a gun alan owns he has pleaded not guilty libby german's family speaking to me after the arrest it's hard how can somebody do that and then just go on living life like nothing happened i don't understand probably never will understand that and the judge says she will consider the motion to move the suspect to a different facility but did not say when she would announce that decision a trial date has been set for january of next year abc's alex perez a fire truck carrying several nuggets players hit a denver police officer during championship the parade yesterday nuggets stars jamal murray and nikola yokic with his family riding a fire truck down the crowded parade route but as that truck was turning officials say a police officer was hit trying to protect fans the fire truck began to roll up the back of his left leg trapping him underneath the vehicle causing a very significant lower leg injury the day starting well with thousands of fans blocking to downtown denver to celebrate the nuggets first ever nba title to see vp come through here during the celebration multiple videos showing objects thrown at the truck one hitting yokic's wife in the face a little while later officers racing to another scene where two people were shot and wounded after a fight near the parade michelle gioso just a few feet from the shooter separated her daughter from britney in the chaos police were already bracing for big crowds after 10 people were wounded in a shooting monday night during downtown celebrations after the nuggets clinched their title abc's molalangi a jury convicts a teenager michigan of killing her father by putting drain cleaner throwing drain cleaner on him in 2021 police say it was the teen's 18th birthday her father promised to take her to a hair salon but apparently got too drunk to drive the teen lost her temper threw a lie on him with some water light powder and water while he napped on a sofa she faces life in prison when northwest sentenced news time 150 time for an update money on our news with our stockcharts .com 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