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Trouble. It's a stripped the ball was out inside the 10 yard line is strip sack, and it's recovered by the Lions. John Dempsey, were you watching your state? By chance? I decided to spare myself the pain and I did not watch. So I turned on the game at the beginning of the game, and I watched, you know, maybe seven or eight minutes of it, I guess. And we did the same thing. I did the same thing. I just switched over to golf just to watch the quarterbacks. He was happening. What Soldier Field looked like anybody there, You know, just kind of get Layla and the body of mine came over. And we both like to smoke cigars and last my wife is out of town. Yeah, I can't smoke cigars in the house. So we we journey to the garage. You know where the garage is right? It's a bit of a walk. Yeah. Just sounding detached garage went down there. We sat down there and talked about a lot of different subjects. Basically home security how the neighborhood's going right the hell but more on that later, perhaps, but Spent the day putting up some bring cameras, by the way, but but anyway, so he spoke their cigars and spend some time out there, and I had a little lunch and everything else. You know, we're gonna probably take a look at the game came back inside. There's a route by 10 by 10 by 10 with, like, three minutes to go. Bad they say. Well, this could still get away from them. This guy this Patrick or not, Patrick, What's his name? Matthew Stafford. Cross bag drills, one of the end zone. That's on extra point bears. They're still free, and I turned my buddy Eddie and I said I predict Mitch. True. Pesky is gonna fumble this ball and they're going to lose. And he said Why you keep their card. Why are you so Excuse me? Can I still use the phrase chief Dark out in 2020? I don't think I should be the one to say I'm not gonna I'm not gonna comment. I want you to use your own judgment. Debbie Downer, he said. Why are you such a Debbie Downer? And I said, Because I've seen this movie before, and Eddie is in his eighties. Believe me, he's seen a lot of their games. And so, uh, Poor man. Poor man. Well, he saw few. Good season. He was around for 63 85. He saw Sid Luckman. Okay, so he's been around for a while. So anyway, we're sitting there and now they're up by three and I said, I predict he's gonna fumble. I did. I didn't say just turn it over. I said. I think it's gonna be a formula. I think it's gonna be. He's gonna hang onto it too long, and they're telling him not to run, which he should just run for it, but he's not gonna run. And sure enough, here comes a fumble. So now now the lions or what? Within the 10 yard line within 10 yards of scoring a touchdown. I so well. I'm pretty sure they're going to score a touchdown on second down Peterson again. Adrian.

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