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That conspiracy theory i think all things are on the table right now with this because it's so mysterious and there's so much at stake and by the way michael's not the only one who said that they last week i think sean toronto was on with concord and he said something similar to that effect like this has been out there ever since the lakers got lebron and it's one of those things where if you had agent who is adept at dealing with the modern nba that message of like if you want me don't go get lebron or maybe there's some reservations like that would've been passed that would have been very clear whether it's through the media or through back channels or whatever it is that would have been very clear going into this however because there's not a lot of clarity this is where we are yeah it is clearly time for coli to find you or whoa jr or somebody and sit down and say here's what's true and here's what isn't and and get his side of strat because until intil he did you encourage that i listen without you saying anything like he thinks he talked and he said you know back in march or something whenever he did a little press colleague three minute press conference until you say something people are going to fill in the blanks and think that you are not that hurt our you're just sitting out because you don't like the spurs that you don't care about your team yadi i mean that's what time it was his okay and he says i've only been here six years the spurs have been here a long time people are going to believe what they say i and it was a very telling quote interest in in other words nothing i say matters just gonna take the spurs word he's wrong and i will i will tell you why he's not only lost like today if he doesn't if somebody doesn't walk this back all right if the story that's out there is he would rather play for the clippers then the lakers then he's lost all the laker fans well he live on this morning that's where i was going that's where i was going he's nell lost the spurs fans shelby is the biggest pretend you're not gonna believe what she said this morning we'll play for your next ramon in for maize i'm john ireland mason in ireland espn la poor greg berkman is dying with brazil because he has resumed pool i need them to get at least one by the way okay do you have that other thing ready i russia i still have russia in the pool and that's home team that's on your way out of clean yesterday i claimed i made two bets one that we were going to get jordan clarkson on the show today and i swore i said ten thousand dollars that we get jordan clarkson on the show and thousand dollar yeah wow or greg did i did i call this morning and say twenty one said you said twenty thousand dollars that mason would wear a tie sometime this year yeah and you and you wanna make half of it back so ten thousand dollars that jordan clarkson would be on that would be on the show today that back i said that you said ten thousand dollars at mason wear and half as five thousand i'm actually hoping you're right because money yes greg went back and because i have a chance to go butkus here i have a chance to lose all these pets what i'm betting on is mason mason is ramona will back me up on it in this is like psyche true one mason will tell everyone in.

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