Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Washington Post discussed on Chris Plante


His friend bill gates have more wealth than one hundred sixty million americans more wealth b beep behind the three sis gender white male democrat leftwingers more wealth than fifty percent of the american population but that's okay we'll uh we'll just ignore that because he's a democrat so that makes it okay and he owns the washington post three hundred million dollars after getting a six hundred million dollar contract from barack obama's central intelligence agency and doesn't raise an eyebrow anywhere in the media now if the coq brothers bought the washington post just after getting a six hundred million dollar contract from the george w bush cia do you think the the new york times would be up in arms you think the democrats on capitol hill would be up in arms you bet you're sweet bibi they would be steve bannon last night saying hey the post they're the same people that nbc fed the billy bush tape in an effort to destroy the candidacy of president trump and dragging hillary across the finish line even after she collapsed underground like a bag of potatoes uh but they failed didn't they they felt and now they're writing these insane articles what if hillary won the woman in the hightower steve bannon yesterday but it's interesting deep bees those amazon washington post that dropped that dime on donald trump is the same visas amazon washington post the dropped the dime to say after noon on judge roy moore now is that a coincidence that's what i mean when i say opposition party riot by right it's purely part of the apparatus of the democrat party they don't make any bones about it i don't know i don't know how much steve bannon is right about not an how much the abandon his roundabout wrong about i really don't uh but he's right about that that up but what.

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