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The jersey of Bishop fee in hockey player A. J. Quetta. Right behind their bench during the game. The senior has undergone surgery after ahead first crash into the boards this week. It's an injury that doctors fear could be permanent. 7 33. Let's get you on the roadways this morning. Take you to work or wherever your travels take you with a Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. What's going on, Laurie? All right, Jeff, still feeling the effects of a crash inside the audio tunnels south out center Lane is we're gonna happened. 33 south and right at that government center off rabbits. Always there that first wrap their heads over the Logan Airport. Forget about it at the last major, like, Oh, you gotta get over there anyway. That's where it is. And it is being clear but traffic is jammed. Coming across the Zaken Bridge Lever connector is tied at the Tobin Bridge hanging around the loop. Wrap their north on expressway continues to be jam from Savin Hill. To South Hampton Street. Also watch out for disabled vehicle right now, In fact, five disabled vehicles with five flat tires. I'm thinking that's five. Right? 95 north. Now this is a need him right by Kendrick Street, So watch out for that and watch out for whatever caused those flat tires out there. Soon as we know we'll let you know a check in now with David Straka Lino in the WBC news radio road report. Not bad at all. Here on 24. It's fine from Fall River into Freetown, then a disabled vehicle waiting for a tow truck on 24 north by North Main Street in Freetown. There's a disabled tractor trailer truck on the ramp from 4 95 north to route 24 in the climbing lane. 24. North hasn't hasn't doesn't have any difficulties getting onto the lower end of 93 David Straka Lino WBC news radio road report. I'm Lori Granted WBC's traffic on the three. How would you like a nickel for every time? A co worker says who cold enough for you? Well, it is, In fact, it is cold. It's eight degrees here in Boston right now and not much warmer. Today. We are seeing some.

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