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Oh the bad government here with you christopher brennan over the new york daily news has gone through years and years of oprah winfrey programs and extracted from them her positions on various policies such as quickly summarize them on gender equality uh he writes y winfrey is an advocate for gender equality not just in combating sexual assault harassment but also in trying to break the glass ceiling separating women from positions of power she's long been an advocate for ending the gender pay gap uh she endorse barack obama in two thousand eight but supported hillary clinton and 2016 she's a you know that goes on a gay rights and other clearly defined political stance has been winfrey support for gay rights of which she was an early supporter win winfrey interviewed ellen degeneres whereas she came out of the out to the country with a up i'm gay time magazine cover ninety seven and defended herself to an upset audience member i have a different view of christian than you do winfrey said to a woman referencing the bible's can be condonation of homosexuality forgot i served as an care if you're taller shorter whether you are born black or asian or gay gun control she has on a number of occasions particularly after new town talked favorably of gun control immigration she says it's possible to both at here the rule of law and welcome those looking for a better life she endorsed quote a clear path to citizenship for the twelve million undocumented immigrants reside in this country while also said it was possible to quote enforce our laws at the same time social programs she said there are people from both parties and no party who believe that indigent mothers and families should have access to healthy food and a roof over their heads and a strong public education because here the richest nation on earth we can afford a basic level of security and opportunity now the two things that kind of mara that i think in the minds of many progressives would be number one in two thousand two she did a series on iraq and with the question was his wore the.

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