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Let's do it exactly i'd yet. Yeah no no. The epilogue was was fine. It's a it's a. It's a finite amount of text. It was something that i think it needed to be written Enough had changed that. I didn't want the book to feel dated. You know so data that it would continue to be used in people. Use it in adamy classes in high school science classes so i wanted to bring it up to date but now there's not that much united it's not like there's a whole lot of new things being done with cadavers. If anything there are there fewer. There's fewer need fewer per fewer uses for them as we develop more virtual programs and Yeah packing for mars. Seems like something that could probably get siegel at some point Yeah that could be. The kids was was fun to do for that one. Yeah i could probably do. Although it's it's the basics of taking in this entity a human being which evolved for earth gravity and we're putting it up in space without air without ready with all the things without the things it needs to survive. How do you deal with that. Plus the psychology of it. And that's pretty much. That's pretty unchanged i mean there are certainly you know the ace program and its goals have changed now. We have a private space. Reysen alan jackson richard and all of that. But that's sort of a different story. How was it experience of going back in not rewriting but i guess kind of re contextualising. This older book. It was fun. Initially my agent was like that sounds. Fun is cleaning out all your closets. Miss kinda like why would you wanna do that. And i said because otherwise they're gonna farm out. There are people whose job is to take a adult book in sorta run it through this grinder. Spit out kids book and my name would be on that. Because i have a particular voice i mean. Everyone has voice. But i didn't feel comfortable with that. And i also because the pandemic i had the time to do it so and i i enjoyed it it was. It was more writing than i thought it was easy to get into that rhythm of of shorter simpler sentences not packing too much into one sentence but but i had great editor. Who is very good at that. Works humorwise in that dozen ten. That is too complicated. And he has built in sense of what is appropriate for that age level and it was once kind of internalized that It pretty quick going in its Fun i enjoyed it. Could you see yourself at some point. Writing a kids book from scratch. Sure yeah i could imagine it for sure or even at a doing another adaptation. Probably not baulk. Not sure which one. But even step possibly. I don't know. I could definitely imagine doing that again. Related to bunk. That was the question ahead about packing for. Mars is there are also. Some sort of there is some kind of reindeer. I guess my question is is do. The poop stuff's day the Absolutely the poop step stayed the sex chapter did. Not that's go- that's been excised. Oh yeah the.

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