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Dot com. Search Charity That's w t o p dot com Search charities 11 28 traffic and weather on the eighth two rich hunter in the Traffic centre. Alright, again the caution of 95 1st. It's the milling and paving project on 95. South between the exit for Dale City Exit 1 56 and exit 1 52 dumb for his road. Again down to a single left lanes. The work sound there are delays getting into and through that works on but not as bad as it has been on some nights. Express lanes get you buy without delay. However, the next issue it's going to be just south to the exit for Virginia 6 10 That's extra for Garrison Ville except 1 43, about a mile marker. 1 42, just about the point where the express lanes joined the mainline there, south of 6 10, all traffic stop due to a crash Sounds like at least two tractor trailers involved or maybe other vehicles involved. Haven't been able to confirm that what we can confirm his traffic is stopped on 95 south south to 6 10 that includes the express lanes. You will not be able to use the express lanes to get by. They are stopped there as well, because again, it looks like the crash occurred just beyond the point where they joined the main line again. So again, Route one as soon as you can take it down to courthouse road back to 95 south to continue your journey South down again. You have to join. You have to get over the route one as soon as you can, Because if you wait to get to see Extent, you may not be able to get to the interchange to do that. So keep that in mind. I 95 North. Um, not affected. You are in good shape between Fredericksburg and about way in Springfield. Ashley Homestore's Labor Day sale has been extended. Hurry just a few more days to save 60% of all furniture, plus free delivery at Ashley, Home Store Rich 100 wtp traffic at a storm team force Matt Ritter. Any stray leftover, scattered showers won't last much longer for the rest of the evening into overnight skies become mostly clear throughout the listening area. It will be cool and comfortable..

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