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Coming in and I can see them right here Still not enough For us to make any determinations just too early And let's see here yep let me check a couple of sights here This is all live And national Yeah I mean we only have about 40,000 votes in which is just not enough to make a determination here You know in some ways this does remind you of how that vote came in the Florida's governor's race America and mister producer Remember that How close it was And you had a watch to the very end didn't you To the very end and then the great governor desantis I think he won by like 40,000 votes overall But perhaps it'll be something along that nature something of that sort And just so you know Mark Elias as I understand it my recollection could be wrong He was pulled into that race too No he was in fact Against Rick Scott who defeated Ben Nelson the incumbent Democrat in the last was called into that too So I should point that out We'll keep an eye on him a mark Elias I think I've talked about him more than anybody else Let me just point out That this is from the daily signal Laura Mark Elias has in some ways been the Democrats Forrest Gump of election controversy showing up in the most high profile election cases of the past two decades His involvement spans the improbable Senate victory at comedian Al Franken in O 8 to litigation both before and after the 2020 election The law is reputation may have been the reason a spokesperson from Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry mcauliffe suggested the campaign try to kill quote unquote a Fox News story that the campaign paid 53 grand a higher Elias I would suspect the reason they wanted to kill the stories that Mark Elias clients are often candidates that lost elections And all candidate wants to give the impression they're worried about losing said our friend Hans von cops key to the daily signal I would also suggest more than that that they know that he is a legal hitman in his reputation precedes him And McCullough was governor from 2014 to 2018 And here is some things you should know about Elias things that I've mentioned but let's underscore them Flipping elections are trying to do so our lives help the turn a few Democrats would pray to have lost on election night into winners It was not part of the legal fight over Florida's electoral votes and the disputed 2000 election but Elias was busy that year on the team that represented Democrat Maria Cantwell and her defeat of incumbent senator slate Gordon a Republican in Washington state I don't nearly two and a half million votes cast Cantwell merged the winner with 2200 votes 8 years later Elias represented the Franken campaign in Minnesota In that U.S. Senate race it initially appeared that senator norm Coleman the Republican incumbent had won but the election went into overtime with recounts And the biography of Ellis on the website of Perkins coy law firm boasts the Coleman Franklin race was the largest recount in contest in American history Almost 3 million votes cast Frank and trail Coleman by 725 votes after election day But after the first canvas the incumbents lead was slashed a little more than 200 votes You get the drift The recount dragged on for 6 months before the final tally showed Franken squeaking by with 312 votes But there's more In 2010 the conservative group Minnesota majority released in 18 months study that found at least 341 follows voting illegally in the Coleman franked contest Enough to have made the difference that is Coleman won Most of those votes by felons were cast in the Minneapolis St. Paul region according to the study Elias helped Franklin overturn the U.S. Senate race in Minnesota and raised millions of dollars for that effort via puko told the daily signal they put together a complex political machine to count a lot of ballots that should not have been counted and rejected other ballots Elias represented Democrat Mark herring The current attorney general in Virginia His raiser thin victory in 2013 an election night Republican Mark oban chain led hering by 1000 votes at a 2.2 million cast But a week later local election boards produced results putting herring ahead by a 164 votes stay wide In the state excuse me certified the results weeks later on November 25 Now I raised I raised questions about this man that he was hired in order to try and steal an election If it's close and of course media matters media Other organizations are the hard radical left Supported by the hard radical left attacked me said here we go again Here we go again But who cares what they say Last year Elias was unsuccessful excuse me litigation In which representative rudinski Democrat New York attempted to overturn his Los Republican challenger Claudia tenney we had Claudia tenney on this program at the time that went on and on and on And this is what the guy does And he's paid an enormous amount of money for it And I did that explanation for you a couple of weeks ago about all the tens of millions of dollars in dark money That is put behind his efforts.

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