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Your show is being canceled because the drama wasn't good and no one watched it. So she took that to be, like, I don't wanna create fake drama. Well, then in that case like you're not gonna get a show. I guess I just think that she wasn't good at it like she wasn't even she wasn't good on the last season. She wasn't good at it. She wasn't good. So now Lindsay Lohan beat club is the yummy pop scarring, pop of Greece. I Least at least. at least you can go to the. Nobody. Public you take a photo with, like a dilapidated building in Mykonos. You, it's like it's like the, the end of a science fiction movie. We are like I swear, there was a building here and everyone's like crazy. And, you know, I was there will be a day when another store comes and they take down all of that, like, scar, Joe were yummy. Papa moving or whatever. When will that be? We don't know. So you guys are not to take advantage of that. In the one hundred years from, now, some child is going to be playing on the beach and like a Santa's going to blow away, and it's going to reveal like a Lindsay Lohan speech club logo underneath, and he's like, mommy, what's this? And they're like, I don't know. And they're going to get some like really interesting thing when they do the Google Inc. They're going to be like, oh, and then I'm gonna be this. I'm going to be the great, great grandmother, somehow still alive, and I'm like, oh, that's my tie like those were the days. And I'm gonna like, we'll be like, oh, let me tell you a story about an indie low Hans beach club. There was no drama was canceled after one season. What seasons? Let's TV. What's Lindsay Lohan which beach club? Have you been sleeping Lindsay? Okay..

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