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We'll hit you with some mindless celeb- news machine gun. Kelly had a megan fox poster in his bedroom as a teen. Oh that's cute cute rapper. Now thirty one had a poster fox thirty five hanging in his bedroom as a teenager years before the pair ended up dating. He said it was from her g. Q. shoot so that's some full circle shit as now. They are very much in love and together. Yeah so crazy. That's kind of like how they're not dating but like billy eyelash is like a comrade of justin bieber. When her whole early childhood was devoted to standing justin bieber yet to see people living out their dreams. It reminds me of the story of jason. Momoa and lisa banana mama mama. When he's on tv and he said he literally the child field and he. He turned to his mom and he pointed to lisa on the television was mama. I'm gonna marry her. Which is kind of weird. Just how old was lisa. She's on the cosby right. Yeah and she's older than him bread. No of course. I want to know how old he was when he was fantasizing. You know it's just like ages so weird you know. Yeah it is when you think of things in those terms but it could also be cute and in this situation. I think it's cute if you've ever heard jason motel the story about like him looking at the tv. Google it's so funny. 'cause all i took away from it was mama and if you've been listening to this show no breath you know that that's sent us. Ju just wanted like. I'm so confused on. Our audience is actually because we. We have so many toasters who are new. We have somebody. Oh gee toasters who fall off the wagon like. Who are the toasters right now. Do you know that mama joke. The recycling jokes making them like their new right. No i saw the is a revolving door literally. I do like so many listeners. Have been with us since day one. But i don't want to exclude those new also saying that so many are constantly discovering us because we'll comments like what's rda like even that old. So you know. I think it really for everyone. It's ubiquitous so if you're an og toaster. Apologies for the redundancy. I just think that's a really good inside joke. We need to bring back. Yeah i agree. We so many inside jokes so many justice for the girls. I know apparently someone reminded us. That's what we used to wish for at eleven eleven just us in reference specifically kelly justice for those girls justice for like all the girls justice for girls everywhere agreed okay so he had a picture of juggling machine gun kelly. I feel like that actually tracks timeline. Wise i feel like every guy who grew up in the nineties or early two. Thousands had a gas poster of like megan fox. Because she was the gal. She's howson's yet. What did i say. Yeah thousands. I feel like i've been in bedrooms like where there was a megan fox poster. Yeah for sure. She's definitely like a poster. Girl would most your did you have a you..

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