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Oracle park. I'm John Mina with Jack manager Bruce Bochy today's bocce before the giants traditional home opener against a nontraditional fo the rays from the American League east and Boccia it's been raining all through the morning, and what's the latest forecast that you've heard about today's game? Well, right now, we're on schedule. So that's good news. You know, we did not take batting practice on the field had to keep it tarp because of the rain, but they think we'll be fine start on time. So that's the plan. And that's how we have the guys geared up for all right now. You're starting pitcher today is Derek Rodriguez. And it's always it's an honor to pitch as the starter on on an opening day. But it also is something that quite often will be a guy with a lot of experience because there's so many destroy. Actions zone surrounding a home opener like this. But Derek Rodriguez. He's not an ordinary young guy. Because this this is the start of what would be his first full year in the big leagues. Right. And you know, we're Derek just the fact that he's been around a game so long with this his dad Pudge Rodriguez. The he's he seen everything he's comfortable in a major league clubhouse. He showed that last year when he came up. So I don't like anything can distract this guy. And he has great pocus. And but you know, what John along that line? We'll talk to the players briefly about, hey, let's keep her focused because there is a lot going on opening day. A lot of demands on the guy's tickets things like that. But also the ceremonies in the you know, you have to get ready to play the game. So I will remind them about that. So you'll have a team meeting before the squad game. Yeah. Well, I'm going to give it they hitters and and talk to them because they're they're the ones getting revved up and everything. And then, you know, we're we're going to acknowledge him people. So I just wanna make sure we do keep our focus. All right. It's opening day at oracle park the giants and the raise more. Coachee right after this. San Francisco fans in the no, no some of the shortest lines for drug behind the center field wall. And they should always bring a coat to the games just in case and your local AllState agents.

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