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Seems like the president, you know, this bromance with rand Paul that just got completed somehow they played golf enough and rand with his very out their foreign policy. That's actually libertarian has nothing to do with republicanism. But his masquerading as a Republican somehow God in the president's ear, and instead of the president going in front of his foreign policy team that actually knows this stuff. He just says, hey, it's done. We're gonna do it. We're gonna pull everybody out rans excited. You know, Laura Ingram succeeded, but the rest of the people that actually understand how the world works. The rest of us are pretty confused now the rest of us who thought that we're going to be greeted as liberators in Iraq and would be out in fourteen months. Trillions of dollars later. You understand how the world works out? I think Adam Canseco was one of them. But that was the establishment and the others who marched us into Iraq. And we're going to create a major democracy in the heart of the Middle East. It's going to be a model who marched us. Enter Libya took us into serious ignited that war who tried to build a build our out there in Afghanistan, and who got us involved in a war for for what reason in Yemen. I do not know, but the chickens have come home to roost for these folks and the elites that got us into the war understand. Now, they realize the Trump is beginning to pull out from these wars, and the consequences are going to be many of them are unknown and many of them could be unpleasant, but the United States of America simply cannot sustain the kind of foreign policy they want or you've got allegedly got troops and over one hundred countries. Now, Pat, they always act like it's hundred ninety five still or something where we're not. Running these massive deficits where we don't have twenty trillion in debt. Those days are over we decided to blow all this money with the globalization and blow all this money trillions on these wars. China didn't fire shot and Afghanistan or Iraq. And they're just chalking up the cash Carter suffered but not having been involved in in Navias wars, which were involved nothing. They just they just ignored this and let the Americans get come in. And do it all and the decisions taken. I mean, what has happened is basically, you can go all the way back to the late prospected, poppy Bush, and the idea that the United States could after the end of the Cold War, which we had enormous made enormous sacrifices and cost ourselves greatly to win that we waited. We went basically out to remake the entire world in our own image. And we got into one more after another after another after another and Donald Trump is president because he should we? We can't afford all this. We got to start looking out for ourselves. And what we got. Now, it's the most jolting decision is made. But he's really gonna ignited a national debate on this on on how long and how much we should spend to try to protect some of these countries or try to basically fight every war for all the various countries in the Middle East. Joe Scarborough today, another former pal of yours, Pat was also speculating that there may be other motives in this pullout from Syria, this is foreign policy welfare for Vladimir Putin. He can't even believe I'm sorry. Maybe he can maybe this is connected to something that none of us know about. Me talk to that look flat. Amir Putin is backing Assad in Syria, Iran, Russia, and even Hezballah whatever you say about it. Basically, and the Al Qaeda and ISIS detest and despise. And they they like killing them more than they like killing us to the folks who are in control and Damascus now knows who back them are the ones you're going to have to deal with the Syrian problem. Isis after the American sleeve. So I don't think this is of great benefit to Russia. Frankly, the very fact that we were battling ISIS and still are for for certain period of time is that a great benefit to to Assad because we're fighting one of his principal enemies. Yeah. I again, the hatred of Trump Pat is so. It's so visceral, and it's it's it's on the surface everywhere. Lately. And there's a sense you get. Of feeling that there's blood in the water in the last couple of weeks and center with all the different investigations going on in the media every morning, something new and some breaking news, and I agree with you. I mean, there's detestation there's an effort dot only debris can bring down Trump. But I think to disgrace him and discredit his election as having been illegitimate, and stolen, and then basically to put him in jail or some kind of criminal, and it's it's visual, and it's visible. Maybe you can ask people. There's there's real hatred toward the mand there. Well, it is it is it Pat is it more his tonality. Is it who he is the way he speaks? Things and and more is it the policies. In other words, if they if they successfully drive him out of office. It's not like we're going to go back to the military intervention as some of the bushes. That's never going to work again back at all ever. In the future because of what's going on in the border. If you don't stop. I mean, what is clearly an invasion again from from the south. From Africa and the Middle East and Latin America all moving north into the successful countries up the west and expanding their welfare state and really moving in and changing and altering their culture and character and the populations. I think if you don't do that this is really this is the existential threat to the west is not being ruined ruined. The Kirk great building a bridge that is the great existential threat to the world, I think western world, and there is disagreement with that on the part of the left country. There is opposition to his is all of his policies on in foreign policy of upbringing, but bringing down the American empire ridding all these commitments around the world stopping these wars being threatened and challenges every aspect of what these folks believe ought to be done. And what? They've been doing in addition to that there is a personal thing. They don't like him personally. And he the the back and forth has gotten. I mean, it's almost gotten to back in the days of Andrew action. Outdoing each other. Talk is going now. Now, it's. And I do think they they believe that somehow once Trump's gone all the problems that they created with this this addiction to globalization, and do this cheap Chinese goods and to open borders like that's going to somehow then work. Well, look at what's happening in France. They they bought in completely to globalization, and they welcomed all these people there, and they hoped it was going to work out, and they did the climate change stuff, and and people are miserable because the standard of living is stalled out or going down. So people will ultimately say, no. And then what happens, Pat, then where do we go? Well, this is why you can see where we're we're we will go by where we are going. If you take nationalism and populism and even individual leaders and rulers rising up to represent the will of the people when it's not represented by the democratic politics that exists there. The things the movements and the issues and the ideas that created Trumpism or still people want secure borders. They want their own company maintain they don't want to be bled to death for foreign wars. They realized that they're spending more than their shaving and their spending themselves into bankruptcy. This is happening all over the western world or the United States and people aren't going to go back to the same old. Same old Gabriel in the election of twenty six hundred. If you take cruises voted Bernie's vote and Trump's vote, the repudiation of the establishment elites, and what they delivered with massive. I mean that was rich utter rejection and the idea that if they overthrow Trump and climb back into the position of power and get all the titles are used to have they're going to people logged in welcome in the deluding themselves. Then the semantically the weekly standard will reconstitute itself. Somebody. The crossroads at.

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