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Walk through the woods. Let me tell you something. That ain't got nothing to do. They not now that. I never had one your homeboy. Y'all been boys fees high. Y'all just hang out all of a sudden you see him. Hanging out hugged up with another. Do be careful. Don't say anything about if you see someone at the drive drive-thru take the money and put it in his pocket here with you gonna call. The police don't want from what he going through eight days. Been man if you run after musmus paul right okay. Yeah and somebody cut the line behind. You appear to be but you see him cut right right down the line. That's neat right. been that one. If you wish your wife and see your girlfriend would another main a your mouth could say any anymore now and bring it. You're in the grocery store. This is somebody over to the grapes. And they eat about save for a handful of complete. The de great jiang filling. That's great jay bank to win the man next to you have to wonder if you see he'll slide to know. Hey hey give me my twenties. I cook let me go kid coffee place right and you see somebody get a handful of them. Schiller's hand full. Who in each hand to hand. Full the packs put them in their pocket. It don't bother diabetic anyway too. Many sugars much energy you. Yeah and you see somebody working out with a train. The trainer tail them to do fifteen. He walked home down. do six. i gotta tell me it ain't got nothing to do with honest all right more of this crazy. Ignorance show steve harvey morning. Show right after this. You're listening to morning. Show the steve harvey morning show men in st base. Simple question the question. What is your favorite christmas song. Joy to the world jingle bells. Oh holy night at night. I'm dreaming of a white christmas. Nellie kalikimaka no silent knight. Grandma got run over by ran over by rain. Rudolph the red riddles raking swing a little bit. Merry christmas happy holidays by instinct. Jingle bells jingle bells jingle bells jingle bells. Don't win this miss bitty baby but charles brown was your favorite christmas song. Joy to the world solid night. Holy night santa claus what's his ghetto. Jessica's roasting mariah carey. One question today is what is your favorite christmas song. Man felice novi dot. Well at least. I can around the christmas. Hang all the mistletoe. I'm gonna get you bed. Was the name of that way by ablazing. Brian food after knows randy a little bit christmas singing new michael jackson. I saw mommy kissing santa claus. Can you sing White christmas the one from charlie brown christmas the christmas tree or not is it now. It's the other one is the Is that that is my favorite christmas song. Santa claus comes to the ghetto by snoop. Dogg and nate dogg. You're listening to her mighty morning. Show steve you sir said you don't like watching your beautiful grandkid. They are. And what is that about like watching them have a lot of time here. Always gonna tell him boy. Get down off of that. I have why y'all argue. Paul rose won't let me your baby you'll need to like pepple pig cartoon looking in him. Watch pimple peak. papa. Don't like popol watches. Sports sooner is cnn. And nick nash desk. I'm gonna watch paul. I want to drink of that. You can't drink for cavs. Ask me swear marjorie. That's what it'd be having me watching depth papa. We won't a bedtime story. You don't know you know a storyteller. I know they don't be paying that ki- it's post to hear dude leakey's which you like like lead housing. Just say you know de go to know booze or something and they know how on a golden. They'll watch okay. Why should kid so autumn put him in a movie theater room. I pick screen all. I got cartoons. Yeah i mean movies you know. Incredible hollis hawking. Ask questions all learn paula. Emily who is not intended speech. I don't like the accusing them pads. We don't want out chew raised on. Ipm quit dropping them off over here for. they beat somebody to talk to other than. Aren't your grandkids vegan or something. Aren't there to a vegan. That's another thing coming in. You carly left. Beijing whitney time. He came in moth house eating. Some real i gave can shis over job just got being kept looking. Eat it a little bit more guinea look at it. The collie came in daddy. What did you give him eating real. He don't eat meat. I said yes. He does dude at our house here. Asking me to sit raised these kid watch these kids. I watch these kids like our won't to how long they been in the water until they look like pearl coming up.

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