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This franchise up. I think blockbuster blockbuster by the way is one of them. Were underrated goal scores in this league. I love that kid couple years ago. This was one of my favorite stories i did. I visited him in minnesota at his summer house and it was just like going to visit the frat boys over the summer. He had like ten friends living with them. They were on the lake walked in it was like eggs bacon protein powder. Everyone is just waking up. Maybe a little stale beer. I live in his best life rocking yet. I mean the guys what. How old is a twenty three. He's weapons time. He was probably twenty two twenty three dogs out. He opted a dog by the way tampa all star weekend. Oh that's great. You know how. I love that on but i noticed that you said summer house. He didn't say cottage or cabin because he's again it there. It is the minnesota you notice. I haven't i live in la. I haven't people who the canes what about the dogs. Don't even ask me about the sharks. Sorry between the the ducks though. Go for it bradford's yes to me. The sharks are still a team. That's in denial. They need to rebuild. Its plan and simple. They tried it out with his core. It didn't work out is still have enough talented players to competitive but not enough talent to win and they just need a tear it all down and build a backup. The ducks have finally admitted. You know what our core didn't win with this group. Sorry we won in the past where to incorporate the gaff in the finally have committed to it. And i think that's where these franchises are different and i do think the ducks are at least on the right trajectory. Yes sharks are still of lying to themselves all right. Here's where they're exactly the same. Each team couldn't score goals last year. Averaging just like two and a half goals a game or just under two and a half goals a game you know if you look at the sharks. No martin jones anymore. This is my hot take prediction. Okay go for it. he thrives in philadelphia. he's out of the shark system. you're already the cordo hurt bandwagon. You're like it's going to be a backup morton joel. I think they're going to try to shelter. Carter heart though and you know give a split starts situation. Maybe it's thirty fifty forty six. Whenever it is ask doesn't even know what i'm you know. What event but james ymer is back. I mean the guy's been around thrown around every franchise in the world. I mean that's your guy in goal. I mean so they. They can't score and i'm concerned about the goals they let in. I mean last year. I correct me if i'm wrong. But they couldn't put the keep the puck out of their own net the sharks. I'm talking about at least the dog. Their goal tending was bought off an martin. Jones take is a real spicy one. Yeah yeah at least the ducks you know. I've and i haven't even got dissect kings by at least the ducks like yes. Yeah they're rebuilding all that great but they have the young players and they're always in games because john gibson you know a friend of the podcast so You know they have that going for them but honestly the la kings a lot of people. Wanna get excited about the la kings. I get it. They will improve. They have again like the ducks. Good promising young talent. All of the above a beautiful max. We spoke to drew. Doughty friends the podcast. He's a believer lot of copa talk. Copays a believer quickies a believer. Are they living in the past. Are they gonna be able to blend properly. I know it's week in the pacific division. I'm just like yes. You're going to be better than last year. But it's not going to be enough to get into the playoffs. No i'm with you and you know. I think we're excited about all these young players have but can we just remember how young they are like quinton by just turned nineteen years old roy monthly over the summer. Arthur kelly of another guy with really high expectations. He's just twenty years old and the expectations for players. We really haven't had like an a plus prospect. Come into the league. Since off the matthews. That's in the top of the draft and the typical development path. Is you need a year to age. You need a year then in the nhl to kind of find your feet. We're seeing that with the rangers of alexis. Don't worry guys we're going to get to the metropolitan eventually So i think these guys just need to get their feet wet and really good situations. Maybe a little bit warmer winning culture that has been the last couple of years but again year. Two away from actually being legitimately good team. Yeah so. I mean like my three in the pacific that are definitely gonna make the playoffs. Maybe not in this order vegas edmonton and the crack in those top three positions. That's that's what i'm thinking. We didn't even talk about the calgary flames because linda. Do we care about the calgary flames but we love matthew could chuck. I wish he was on another team. I love and i wish he was on another team. Maybe they will be by that trade deadline whenever the hell is in march it really does feel like no it does though it feels like this is the last year for this quarter. Really figure it out or something's gotta budge but what's up. They hired darryl sutter the extended him. I mean i thought he was back on the form you know. Join the team on the bench last year. What you're looking for. I would think you bring a guy like sutter in when your team is on the verge and interesting. Ain't you because i've heard about solder that it's kind of like the gm and waiting once they finally got rid of brad..

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