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Confirms that he is out we had scheduled and i'm keeping to my schedule because this is quite a tree to talk to a guy's got a couple of million twitter followers she's he's again and two time pulitzer award winner he has all sorts of thoughts obviously on the current condition of politics in washington and he is speaking tomorrow at roger williams universities bristol campus in the campus recreation center at seven pm with a book signing to follow the book is moral obligations national interest refugees in the twenty first century the event is free open to the public there no tickets required and you are invited to roger williams newsmaker line we go new kristof is where this nick dan yorke in providence thanks so much for joining me oh my pleasure good to be with you good to have you the the the news of the day is is breaking all over i i knew i figure i'll let me get let me get some quick kids from you on this new cycle them will dig dig a little deeper into of the book the philosophy has been so much syrian refugee conversation that i'm sure ties into your overall philosophy and then your latest column that the latest but one of the latest columns about the process of protest with donald trump i think is is fascinating so i'll welcome aboard we think about a riley being out you know i i i think it's a reflection of how attitude thirteen attending in a very very welcome way an american visit correctly i when i read about the fact that writer ales and the way we had treated went in over the years had fox news.

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