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Pfizer met with the cdc july twelfth about the need for boosters laid out their case laid out the israeli data. Cdc disagreed at the time said they had conflicting data. Israel ends up being right cd. Essentially agrees with pfizer's case this week. Can you talk about why. The initial data wasn't compelling back in july. And i sort of asked this question because in general sometimes it feels like if i wanna know what's gonna happen in the us. With regard to cova decisions. I need to like follow. The israeli news like do you sometimes. Do you wish we had more information. Faster here is about. Is it about just looking for more data in the. Us like do you feel like the cdc is getting information and data fast enough. Well hotel you. John is somebody who loves numbers and data. I always wanted yesterday. It's all he's too late for me but look you. You're pointing to his legitimate challenge that we have in the united states. It's been a problem for many many years. Which is we have fragmented data systems in our country. We have a public health infrastructure. That has been underfunded has eroded. Over the years we have so many different systems. Don't always talk to each other. And so with other countries which have more centralized and data Out systems which have invested more in public health. More broadly able to extract him pull in data from what's happening around the country much more efficiently than we are at something we have to fix that. We have to get better at by the country in. Its y my hope is coming out of this pandemic that we will recognize those longer term investments in infrastructure public health infrastructure or absolutely essential so. We can understand more quickly. What's going on with that. Being said in. Keeping many israelis actually started their vaccinations and ended up vaccine much larger portion of population earlier than we did right so from a timetable perspective There ahead of the united states in much of the world but we we saw the israeli data. We saw eight from other countries. But the cdc needed to do was to gather the data from here as well and look at everything in totality when you're always tightened. Scientists don't trust single source of data may be well done etc. You need to collaborate because you're just inevitably various factories. You can't control or data sets and so when they started to see a pattern emerging john and this pattern in particular became clear in over recent days when multiple data sets from the. Us came through data from healthcare workers data from long term care facility residents data from york state as well as what was called the ivy Cohort which is group. More than twenty is held simpson uniform states. All of that. Data's started to point to the same pattern is reduction in protection against mild to modern disease with a still high protection against the disease. That's when it became clear. There's a pattern here is trickier. We see where it's going and that's how we act. Dr mercy thank you so much for joining pod save america again come back anytime we We love having you. Thanks so much. John with you take care..

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