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Brock Osweiler, Trevor, Phillies discussed on Lewis & Logan


I dunno relieved 52s doesn't mean anything that what does it really mean like like brock van der means something this is the month of brock like november brock van der broek member let's go back we will brock you what are you laughing about murphy merv doesn't think it's funny he thinks it's hilarious we are full calls we're going to see what broncos country thinks about brock osweiler named as the new starting quarterback i had a feeling when they brought him in and made him the number to quarterback i had a pretty good feeling we see him again you did you can either by injury or trevor getting pulled it fact i i told dave logan right before the chargers game in la that i had a feeling this was off the year dave i got a feeling i will share it with you you know i let the sheer phillies with you dave i said my feeling is we're going to see brock osweiler quarterback within two games he shows set it on the air he's so that you're crazy i said all right it's just a feeling two games go by brock's the starting quarterback he did say that because you did said to me tale in iowa okay honestly i thought it would be an injury that they took out trevor instead of getting bench because trevor it's been getting hammered pass rush killing unom every week he's gonna hit second most times of any quarterback in football and he's one of the smaller quarterbacks in the league as well well let's go to the phones here 300 37913 85 85 derek your first what do you think so i'd like he brought eight yes david car ingram ori go when he i remember the game with greater and he look around line indian with which targeted second most and he's on the run i think that kind of what way happened with with immune david brock osweiler had lifted the core line or i but i don't think our year is that a an official diagnosis that david carse syndrome i didn't know that was internet oh me about it the askar we have a spot or on the road who's the actual doctor of sokaiya tree to ease are sputter we call him doc who's this part of what's his name doc his name is dr is thanks rick but we he's an actual.

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