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Instead of covering up, But we probably will come a little bit at a cost. We're looking at some better chances for some rain and maybe some thunderstorms over the weekend, but it's not gonna be the nonstop stuff. It'll probably more the scattered hit in this thing. You know, it's funny. You bring that up because I live north of the city in the north suburbs. My parents air about an hour south. I was talking to my mom on Mother's Day, and she's like, you know, I said we did not literally. Our payment was not even dappled with rain, and she said they had a couple of inches down there. I was exactly going. The next thing I was gonna talk about it just a sharp sharp line between where they got 34 inches of rain on the South side, and then hardly a spring. Call in the North side. It just goes to show you that you know, the exact track of some of these systems can just make all the difference in the world. But it was a pretty amazing thing. Not to mention it brought a little bit of snow fall with it, too. So Fascinating system with that one. But it made a big difference. And, you know, parts of Chicago are just in the very beginning Stages of the drop category, but at least on the South and the rain may have likely taken that away the northside everywhere from 88 northward. May have still be in those really dry conditions in the drop categories move into Thursday with that update, but you're looking at we conducted in the draught conditions on Thursday. That's right and the rain that's coming in. Will that be more widespread to the north as well or too soon to know, I think it's all too soon to know, but it'll at least be scattered where you know, everyone will have a better shot at getting it more than this system That just happened to set up where it split the entire Chicago area and half were half God. Good soaking, and the other half barely got anything less than we talked to make grits for the crowd. Would you make today I didn't make any. You know I've had When I cook and I cook a lot. Make sure there's plenty of it to go around. So I put plenty of it away. And I haven't thought of the next great meal yet, But when that happens, I'll let you know you have to give me some requests, though they're drilling season's about to start. Here's an ingredient for you. George, I want you to write this down. Okay? You ready? 303 East Wacker 18th floor. That's all you need to know. That's an ingredient. Alright, I got some researching to do once I get settled, Agreed in this morbid label would put the food in the box and put the label on the box and send it to us. Okay? I got you. Thanks, buddy. Walk again. All right. You're listening to Chicago's afternoon news here in 7 20. WGN. When we come back, we'll talk to Jack Levin. He's the CEO off the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce. They're looking for workers. Are you ready? First Here's Mary. Partly cloudy and 49 Tonight cloudy and cold frost Possible Low 34 Tomorrow sunny and a high of 56. Eden's is looking pretty good on the Kennedy out to the airport. 40 minutes 45 coming in about 34 from the Edens. Eisenhower's at 40 out to Mannheim half hour Coming in Stevenson 36 out to the Tri.

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