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I don't need to do that. There are currently forty one counters on planet earth that are used hebrew calendar muslim calendar chinese calendar on sundays introducing the next one the human calendar a calendar that makes sense to humans. And i'm hoping that businesses will use it because logistically and for financial analytics. It's unbelievably efficient. But in our social look we have to understand just how screwed up. The roman calendar truly is at a glance. Hey here's a month with thirty. Here's here's some thirty one. Here's twenty eight but only you know every four years. I mean how how we got to this place. It's like the frog and the boiling water. Right i mean nobody. In their right mind would have signed off on such a convoluted scheme we had to be slowly exposed to it and now it feels like it's too late to go back but you say no. It's never too late. Never too late in the whole roman thing just guys know where that came from. What a mess. This calendar is were using. January is a two headed. God that looks into the past and the future february. Nobody can spell it. March april may in general norse gods july for julius caesar august for augusta. Caesar's september's a latin word sept- meaning seven but september. The ninth month means eight. October octopus eight. But it's the tenth month no of his land for nine but november. The eleventh month and deck means ten but december is the twelfth month. And there's only two months in a row that both have thirty one days in sure. Enough is for julius. Augustus caesar july and august polls have thirty one days ago. They were fighting over. Who going to get thirty thirty so they will thirty one. And that's why february got rocked a little bit. So it's just a big ego trip to the is an ego trip in the people who invented the calendar. It was julius. Caesar iran down and hung out with cleopatra and she introduced the three under sixty five day year to him and he took it back to roll all that stuff but these people thought the earth was flat and that was the center of the universe when this calendar was invented and it literally makes no sense if i asked you today..

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