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Must continue now the action all the issues I'm done talking I hate to talk so much really my dad none the less I want to hear your reaction to what's happened in city council what's happening with Bruce Hoff power was going to be occurring a course in Washington plus to a dolphin's new quarterback has a thing for tonight Twain tonight join who's got to be in her forties by this point forty five or fifty has responded to to I. two I's got a thing for tonight so we'll see what happens go to telephone calls we have Tony in Fairfield and went on a cell but the protest and more we've had four lines right now with our three lines open five one three seven four nine seven thousand pound seven hundred to eighteen tape starting after three o'clock today will be a course rocky and and any fingers plus in about forty five minutes or so I have the head football coach Withrow high school the Tigers on I love to help a local especially inner city schools so let's continue now we have a Tony than many others Tony then with Tony welcome to the bill Cunningham shown Tony how are you how are you today good afternoon to be an American give me a live update from Fairfield home Joe Nuxhall in the Indians I love talking to the second most famous man in Cincinnati behind Pete rose well I don't like that Pete rose but I I think Marty Brenda hand is up there naxals pretty good too people can die so when I when he claimed Fairfield he was able to joke but he lived in Fairfield and I went to the Bob Evans and fair fair I love going to Bob Evans and so it's at the last half of his life he was in India talk to go all the time down and knocks all driving range with all them old old guy down there in the cities in the west Nanjing play cards and no question about it all that is gone with the course you can't even watch gone with the wind anymore gone with the wind is gone that that that that that day so what's going on so anyway I have a a different alternative or what is going on with this black wide movement and my thing is is is is that the walls that legislation has created over the last forty years to make people feel safe and secure which are a lot of Marty blatant violation of the constitution in my opinion yes kind of given the police this more authority over the individual that I really think that they should have been an example would be like some of the D. Y. laws where if a police officer feels that you're impaired he doesn't have to give you any type of protest you can still take you in and you still have to fight the system right right for Anies wall where a police officer shows up to a domestic dispute someone has to go to jail I hear that all the time that many times between men and women things get out of whack a little bit somebody it's nine one one the copper show up at that point somebody's going to jail and it's always been that type of authority to certain types of people you're gonna have problems within the police force of brutality but it has nothing to do with racism is spread out over the whole population well they brought to light that would be on the question of whether or not we think that the police force have racist people and which ones are might be a few people in fact I think the best people we have become Scott become cops if you want in your service and sacrifice and go into the police academy you know the odds are much greater than a regular job you're going to get shot or disabled you know the odds are much much greater you're going to be at risk you know the odds are much greater you're gonna work different shifts you're going to work Christmas morning Easter afternoon you're going to work the fourth of July in the beginning it's a long haul before you get to a pageant and governments are shutting down pensions anyway the idea Tony how do you respond to those who say the fund the police how do you respond to that what do you got it what what's what's the alternative it's great to have a message what is your ultimate goal safety yeah are you gonna get that well we got a call somebody I think the special counsel is going to come out when when when there's a peta filed its it's you know now in fact the more money you spend on police the last crime you have in fact in New York City right now there's a tremendous spike in violence because the planes close detectives have been taken down they had about two thousand plainclothes detectives not wearing uniforms not looking like cops walking around New York looking for crime in the making if somebody sees a police car pull up guess what they're bigger changes and so the planes clothes were absolutely essential and knocking down crime it be go to Cincinnati or in Covington data plainclothes detectives that simply walk around look like the populace and look for criminal activity there's nothing wrong with that we do we need more between me going down interstate seventy five in a sixty five and I see a police officer Michael that you do I know I do do you Tony we got a ride thanks your call we got to build a got whipped and then Nancy went on a cell phone which give me a full report well as I said my palatial state in North broke last night protesters we're going straight down **** street chanting the following Hey Hey jubilee remains part of John Cranley family Hey Hey jubilee David my father John Connally family me I don't know and there were about thirty of them right down the street would you know the heart of north broke and they were miscreants undesirables and that's why I don't Northbrook village well I take when I tell you what there's not a better person in public office the David Mann I don't agree with his politics a lot he's got a big heart and a big head and he cares about our city like few do and I've lived in Cincinnati into it my wife wants to move back to the city so it may happen at some point but David Mann is a liberal's liberal progressive that is received every progressive endorsement for not years but decades of public service and so when David man out in front of his home a protest is scheduled he goes out at seven o'clock in the morning this morning to kind of talk with them they said they were down the block and some park him and his wife Betsy walked down to the park and engaging conversation and then a one conversation they wanted shouted him diminish him and shot him up I listen to Michael K. Allen on Saturday morning and he had on the actual gentleman the man who took who testified at the Duke energy center it was shouted down and he said basically I have a different viewpoint now David man even though he would disagree with the conservatives view point wants to hear what you have.

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