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Mason Crosby will do the honors from on Smith waiting back for Indianapolis and watch that one sale over his head for the touchback. Cults. Barrett, who come in at six and 3.5 game back in the NFC South, by my account, have the have had the third easiest schedule so far this season. They're in the stretch where they played the Titans. Last week, and they'll play Tennessee again next week. We'll have that game here on ESPN radio at noon Eastern, but it's a tough closing run for Indianapolis. There's no doubt you look down the schedule. There's really not a whole lot of easy wins. Maybe with the exception of the Jaguars and the Texas Down in 10, India 25 yard line, Jonathan Taylor in the backfield, Rivers will give to tailor the rookie cuts a little bit back to the left and is able to search up to the 29 yard line for four yards on first down. Adrian Amos, the free safety Kevin King in on the Stop that time for the past. Well, I know Frank Reich had the opportunity to play under him for Just a few months there in Philadelphia. Really great coach. He was the officer coordinated the time, but I know what he's telling his guys right now. Don't panic. We'll stick with the game plan. We're still in the second quarter. We got plenty of time, so don't expect them to break character quite yet. Jonathan Taylor, the deep back here on second down, and six man in motion to the right is Marcus Johnson back to pass Philip Rivers being chased a bit throws but by Taylor at the 31 yard line, grabbed and East Taken down, but it will take him across the line to make for the first down. Preston Smith tried to take him straight down, but the mo mentum of Taylor took it across the first down line to make Great job that time by Taylor is a physical runner out space. Looks like he's gonna be stopped a few yards short, but put a little spin move to pick up a first down good job. Controlling his body and dealing with a line to gain is Only the 5th 1st down for Indianapolis. There's 35 yard line. 6.5 minutes to go in the first half, trailing the Packers, 21 to 7 rivers waiting on the shotgun staff. Has it delayed handoff. Taylor off right guard gets across to the 38 yard line for a game of three. And you mentioned playing for Frank, right? If there's anybody in National Football League history has Tokyo up? That's you gotta listen to. He had the great playoff come back with the Buffalo Bills against the Houston Oilers many moons ago. Well, no doubt one thing heard interesting from Frank. Right this year, you might hear it. On our broadcast today, as you can so clearly here full of rivers yell out these calls like he famously doesn't line of scrimmage. It's added a whole new element to the game about changing the calls because teams are listening to these game copies and learning other teams calls second in seven. There's staff play action rivers growing underneath, find Pittman, the rookie, and he's tackled short of the first down at the 43 yard line. Raving green. It's going to be third in two coming up after they pick up five yards there. Well, eventually, the Colts are gonna have to push the ball down the field. Everything so far for Philip Rivers has been underneath you mentioned. He's got to be 39. At some point. You got to keep this Green Bay Packers team honest because they're starting to squat on the shorter routes. One more line of scrimmage is the 43 yard line. Got to get to the 45 Jonathan Taylor is out behind rivers waiting in the gun thing is actually Jacoby per set, and it's a gift. And it's close to the line to make by Jonathan Taylor. Linesman is right on the 45 yard line. They will move the chains first down Indianapolis that they brought into Kobe percent that.

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