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Merrill strip out of daughter she got so what yeah i want told me so he and it i got to do something about this you said at the time or you think in the value of it was and she just meekly says retweets we did it year old fartsy only me you know i great question though on and the taco in a bag ladies outburst yeah josh is to hold a lead banging jimmy's mom right well that's so that's why said season one season to lorelei because it is like he's dean look he's yeah i've been wrote that down he is he is like a slightly more secure dean are actually upright a lot more secure again because he doesn't seem to have any of his he has his overbearing tendencies without having is a mostly abusive tendencies he's fix and stuff around the house he's yeah like changing up the water cooler all that stuff lorelei loves him todd the lady latta's josh yet and it's like another knows josh at least doesn't seem like bad dude and the way the dean sometimes to unfortunately jennings study so creepy it all that up arts center i she's got little dick center yet i gotta yeah i mean and she's got to be a equals equals eagles equals never mind and set of team one thousand she's the th equals equals and what not you one thousand but the one is a dick got it what you know like josh is whole things that he's not supposed to have a personalities just to be a nice guy el is his job is to this like it catered to the girls of the towel there is one parise like shut the hell out of josh no no i'm interrupting a girl thing i will take my now miss over there is taking time when you down under the whole game man is this going to it was like a memo gordon i mean i was going to say fantasy four years later josh.

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