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Black tux dot com slash be asked the black tux premium rentals suits and took sitos delivered right now here's my conversation two thousand thirteen oscars redone which fantasy was morris and a little guests cameo from camp balance all right fantasy editor in chief of the wringers here hello was morris from the new york times former graylan colleague pulitzer prizewinner general good guy thank you bill beloved teammate he's here as well we're going to do something that i have talked about doing for years in we've never actually done it in any form and now we're gonna do it in baz in baseball there's a fiveyear waiting period before anyone can get in the hall of fame and i think for basketball they might have the kid that might have that as well in general the concept of a fiveyear waiting period which seems dumb sometimes of michael jordan retires in it's clear he should be in the hall of fame year later but the waiting period is good and it gives you a little time and distance in space and you think to yourself you know something you thought in the moment may be comes down a little bit or whatever i wish we did this with with movies and music and television but there's a lot of reasons that we don't from ah marketing standpoint it doesn't make sense from i think could be weird to have the oscars five years after the movies came out i get all of those reasons it's still a cool exercise yeah so i thought we would try it for the two thousand thirteen oscars which covered the movies in two thousand twelve yes and what happens with the staff and where we talked about wounded they get out reward shebelle's is sometimes the words get it wrong and you look back ten years or five years or twenty years and you say to yourself that's ridiculous how did we let that happen what a travesty that is there a lotta oscar travesties.

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