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AMC theaters dot com. And also, we have partnered for the past few months with Murray brothers Caddyshack restaurant, which is right down the block. And because obviously, this is Bill Murray movie. They've got a lot of special stuff. In addition to fifteen percent off on all your food, they're gonna have a Ghostbusters party, and they're going to have drink specials, and goes posters related foods specials as well. So it's gonna be a big celebration. And the tickets are going really good. So you might want to get in there now and reserve your seats and AMC theaters dot com. But yeah. The big screen thirty five years, man. I just feel like masseuse lem. Well, listen, firm thuja, you're, you're hanging in. I am trying. What does that mean? Mahfouz's a very, very old figure familiar with the bible, the hair this next for hair got a lot of here. Medusa medusa. That's a cousin summit. A reunion. I know the main people Jesus God. I got those guns. I don't know about Mathies put Mary. I. These people marry Jesus guy and there's Mary Magdalene to Mary's. That's Nick Gilio does a great show every night. So if you up in middle of the night, turn appear, 'cause you're up we should be listening. So he's not a phone wants to sing. Dave sing happy birthday. And I think it's a nice thing Kevin. Are you ready? Yeah. I'm ready fire away. Epi day to you. To you. Day. To you. Thank you very much, Kevin. Are you share your from Wisconsin? I can barely tell you action imprint Wisconsin. Hi. Do I listen to you? Or north western football basketball, did you do baseball at one time day for northwestern? No general in general. Well. Yeah. Did you have an issue with him when he was doing? How old he was good. Thank you, James. And suddenly, I also share birthday with you today. Very good. Happy birthday guys awfully nice. You get to town, but we're gonna give you something standby for that. Take us to Stephen Sondheim's classical musical farce, funny thing, happened on the way to the form at the metropolis performing arts center, nearly tonight's where the hukou instead of tour will be playing. This fall, may sixteen June twenty-ninth fast paced witty irreverent. Oh, that's Dave. To get tickets at the metropolis arts center or metropolis arts dot com. Eight four seven five seven seven twenty one twenty one. Come back chat lines to second and checkouts coming up as well. More crims going into the hall of fame the guy that they think they based will fail based anchorman on channel two anchor tell too, I think he came I wanted to take him here from Phili. Possibly tries on channel two for while and Chris Kreider retirement from WBZ like I listened to be for traffic all of you do. There's nothing else in need from me, but I can't get everywhere. But when I hear, Chris Kreider Ellie, I mean here in one of the best in the business, so she has happy retirement, worked with Chris, and I wish. Sure all the Basheer grade. I, I don't know our met her once or twice a fan man thinks he's really me too. It's six thirty three. We'll come back with your headlines, next. Why don't we do right now? I mean as Dave's birthday, we can't be messing around too long. Thank you. And then check up, but first headlines by Lindholm.

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