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Dot com. Our website is Eric Metaxas. Dot com. Roger. You were just saying that big tech is so in the bag for China. For the cultural Marxist in this country that they are, as you have experienced the platform ng those of us with whom they disagree, and it really reminds me and this is, you know it's pathetic when you have to bring up Germany in the thirties, but there's just enough legality another words if you look at what happened in Germany in the thirties. It was not the right Iraq under Saddam Hussein, it was still it still had the pretense the veneer of legality. There was just enough legality that the New York Times and Time magazine would send in their people and say no, no, no, there's still courts and they're still order and, you know, even in 1931. Hitler was hailed before a court because of the murder of some Some people. It really is where we are now. In other words, they're smart enough not to declare themselves dictators for life. They pretend that we still have democracy. But the reality is the moment you step over line. Boom. You go to jail. Or Twitter jail or whatever it is. You've experienced this. Um do you believe that between now And when this president is declared the winner, Uh well, I I should say, what do you suppose will happen? Because when you're in a battle to the death as we are with the people on the other side of this, they They seemed to me at this point to be willing to do anything. I just never dreamt we would get here and I kind of wonder what can happen from here. Well, if you read this book playbook by one of the key real leaders in this in this hoax is being perpetrated on the American people. We know the last step of this if the Mass. A censorship in the end the wholesale theft of votes on the ground both through computer programs and through the old fashion way of democratic machine vote stealing don't work well, Then there's the third step of their plan, which is using black lives, matters in antifa hoodlums to be and pillage and rape and burn and threatened their way into power. They're withholding that step to see if it's necessary. But it's very clearly based on their own comments. It's the next step for them. The real tragedy, of course, is that the president had four years to bring antitrust action against all these social media platforms, and his attorney general's his attorney General Jeff Sessions, his attorney general, his acting attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a man who Belongs in prison, based on his lies to Congress and his seditious activities in the Russian collusion notes and then, lastly, Bill Bar have done Nothing. Nothing. It's why we're in this situation today really pathetic. We have to hope that in a second term, the president will finally order his Justice Department to enforce the antitrust laws and end the monopolistic practices of the YouTube's. On the end, the Facebooks and the Twitters and the Instagrams and the others who are deeply complicity in this effort to voice a phony election result. The American people. It's not just a ZAY say the old fashioned Democratic big city style of stealing votes. In other words, phony absentee votes of monkeying with the mail in voting ballot out harvesting people voting multiple times, people who aren't registered voting people who are dead voting. People who are voting a ZAY se in the name of others. Those are all standard. But you have bigger, even more odious evidence of massive measure inflation in the bottom of the boat through the hammer program utilized by the U. S government, specifically subset of that cold scorecard. There's now massive evidence that the Dominion voting machines that Aaron Houston, only seven states were manipulated S O. This is The big picture. They're actually saw Karl Rove. I mean, always reminds me of a wax pair that sat too long on the radiator. Say the other night that there couldn't be voter fraud. This extensive it would take to immense a conspiracy. Wake up, Karl. I just outlined it for you. Take a look at the hammer. Take a look at Dominion. Yes, There's the mass manipulation of votes. If you want to know whether Karl Rove is More like Bush 41 than Donald Trump. That says it all. I mean, it's an unbelievable thing that that he could be that naive. It's actually scary to me At this point. You know what has happened? The last time Carl didn't set up was When would that be? That's uncalled for. You claim to be a Christian. Now you stop that. Just you know, I have the Bible says Thou shalt not tease. I didn't see that one. Go ahead. I do nothing but tease. That's my love language. I gotta tell you seriously Roger the key to me right now, and this is what everybody has to be tuned in for is that The Radical cultural Marxist left like the National Socialists, they will use democracy. Until they have no other options. Another was that they can fool us into thinking that they using a democratic process in order to seize undemocratic power. They will do that. And then the moment that fails, they go to plan B and teeth to take to the streets. The reason I have the Nazis on my brain, other than the fact that I wrote a big book on the Nazis, which Came out 10 years ago. Now it's the playbook and it happens over and over again. We have people, for example. Like Christiane Amanpour, saying something for which he should be fired. I don't care if she said it on CNN, but she compared Trump to Hitler and Kristallnacht. It's just one of the most grievous sick things to say. But people are willing to pretend that they're against authoritarianism when they themselves are trafficking in authoritarianism. That's what's so ugly. They pretend to be for democracy. And then the moment it fails, they get violent. Obviously the Nazis had this planet's Why Hitler was He was on trial in 1931 before he became chancellor. And he kept saying We're peaceful, were peaceful. But then there was something that Devils had written a pamphlet. That basically says yes, we will be peaceful and we will use democracy and on and on and on. But that's on Lee the ends. That's only so that we can get to where we want to go, which is We use our fists to bring about revolution, and by the way, if we need to use our fists, the goal is revolution. The goal is not playing patty cake with one popping or or any of those folks. We mean to crush democracy using democracy itself. If we can fool people into think that that's what we're doing, That's what I see happening. We've seen this from the beginning. In fact, the left always consistently accuses us of Zach of exactly that Which day are doing. Let's take Russian collusion. The only known Russian collusion in the 2016 election was Hillary Clinton, getting the assistance of Russian intelligence to write the phony Steele dossier, which he paid for by money laundering thought funds through her law firm, which was used as the entire and sole basis. For the launching of a fraudulent investigation. With the purposes of removing the president. There's your Russian collusion, the Democrats and the left always accuse us with of what they're going to do, for example. The proud boys are going to be harassing and intimidating in suppressing the vote across the country, a polling places on election Day Really worried that happened. That didn't happen anywhere. If there was any voter suppression going on, it was on behalf of the Democrats, the lingering threat that if we don't like the results of the election, we're going to burn America down. That's not coming from the right that's not coming from Christians or conservatives or Republicans. That's coming from the radical left Antifa and BLM. Why should we take him serious? They've already demonstrated that they have the funding the organization the structure the bail money to do exactly that. They've already done it in a number of American cities. And don't forget the rented bicycles. By the way. I want to tell you something this weekend. In Washington, D C. There's gonna be a massive massive gathering of pro Trump people and a BLM on antifa are planning to cause trouble..

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