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Youtube dot com kind of funny games and of course the Games cast podcast feed. We'll talk about that soon enough. Thank you are patriotic producers? Mohammad Mohammad mope drew garnier fruit teas blackjack and the kind of funny destiny to PC clam. I can't get away from this destiny left as I can done. France rarely on stuff anymore than here they are. They sponsor the show and I just saw ran on p. live last week. I finally guess on that show and he was on as well but I love that. Your PC clan specifically was like yo we need some more players sponsorship so good. It's so brilliant. Uh today were brought to you by. What's Good Games live? But I'll tell you about that later for now. Let's begin the show with what is and forever will be. The Roper report. Did six items. Are you crying or laughing? Acre doesn't have a mouthful of breakfast to a bacon. Dan For why we went big. I like them. I appreciate that a lot Number one on the rope report Nintendo switches twenty twenty. Looks like it's going to be dominated by Mario. This is Tom Phillips. Over at Euro. Gamer Nintendo switches. I party lineup for the rest of twenty twenty. We'll be dominated by Mario Games old and new to coincide with the original Super Mario Brothers thirty fifth anniversary. That's according to European resources with knowledge of Nintendo's upcoming plans who have corroborated report posted by vg. See I the report states. Nintendo released quote most of Super Mario thirty-five year back catalog this year remastered for Nintendo switch. There's no detail on which games this includes but the article includes a banner image of Mario Galaxy perhaps intended to suggest the we classic as one of these Games euro game resources have indicated that Mario Galaxy is indeed one of the game's being ready for a remastered alongside a couple of three D. Mario favorites update. Gazoo is now gonNA firm visa as Super Mario Sixty four and Mario Sunshine which Euro Gamer can corroborate. Many earlier. Mario Games are already available ONS. Which via the Council Online Snes APPS second the report states several other Mario titles will release in twenty twenty including a new paper. Mario you're a gamer sources. Have confirmed a new paper. Mari was in the works. Along with a deluxe edition of Super Mario Three D world which will include an array of new levels. This long rumored we import is one of a couple of first party. Were First Party Games from Nintendo's previous causal currently do for a new lease on life in twenty twenty when contacted for this story Nintendo gave Euro gamers traditional response? That did you did did not comment on rumor or speculation Andrea Rene. What is your reaction? I'm super excited about this. Obviously we knew that Nintendo was going to be remastering some of its legacy library for Nintendo switch. Like that was going to happen. They do it for pretty much every platform they have. But I think that this comes at a great time because we know that their release schedules probably not going to be at least the same cadence as it would be in a normal year because it's happening globally with cove in nineteen. But I think that this is a really good set of like comfort game. Titles that people will really love gravitate towards and I'm going to be buying them one more day exactly right place sunshine again for sure some trying to game I loved on the. We haven't played since then so to get back to that superstock for however our opinions barely matter on this because you know we work with him motherfucking gettys. Who of course is a huge Mario Fan? I reached out to get a quote from Tim and this is what he wrote. And it starts with Tim Voice. So I'm sorry gardeners let's fucking go. This is ten out of ten. Tim gettys gatorade get hype decade of Dreams Material? Ladies and gentlemen. I will play every release of Super Mario Sixty four till the day. I die but Mario. Sunshine and galaxy are way past overdue for supplies throughs. I'm going to assume galaxy to was also part of the somehow. My biggest questions with these are how are they released piecemeal in misspelled piecemeal in some sort of more. Super Mario all stars to and more importantly what does remastered meet on. Just uprise ports. Do we finally get reo sixty four and wide-screen. Are they all redone? The Mario Odyssey engine real quick. Hey Injury I miss you moving on after almost two decades of Nintendo refusing to just do a superpower or whatever paper. Fan wants if this new paper. Mario isn't the thousand year door style. So help me got honestly though the best thing about all of this is that it criminally underplayed super. Mario Three D world will finally get the respect. It deserves with new levels. Jesus talk about a game that will benefit for being on the switch. But will we ever get a Tutti Mario with an actual creative and fresh art style in finally make the new Super Mario Brothers style old time will tell bt Dubs? Anyone saying that this is too much. Mario find some magic in your heart. The only thing that's kind of the only thing that kind of bums me out is that these leaks robbed us of all the melting down during utterly relentless Mario Direct. I guess Jason Schreier friends really wanted to save some laptops. I don't understand anyways. I would trade all this for a Super Mario Sixty four remake. That looks like the nineties is fuck. Og Concept Art and then he put some links that cat. If you want to toss it in Millard be what you can get these moments right. Like time will tell and then he winks to the camera. Tim I miss you too. I can totally hear exactly how he would read the story if he was doing Cape. Gd with US right now. Of course of course Kevin is throwing up teams. Aren't right now to see some of this artwork. You wanted there there you go. Yeah more stuff. That's how it looked like Yeah so then. We actually have questions here. Andrea from horse listeners and viewers like you is gentlemen the five star man wrote into Patriots Dot com slash. Kinda funny just like you can't and says hey. Kf GD crew with the reports hitting about Mario Games being remastered and new games being worked on. What did you think? The original release plane would've been seeming. Kovin has had an effect on schedule remastered coming earlier this year and then maybe a new game for holiday or is that too soon. Also do you think the new game will be an odyssey sequel a whole new Mario Ip? Maybe we'll finally get his updated art style. I WANNA bring the. She'd whisper before reading answering injury because his or their question applies as well. If this turns out to be true and we do get remixed. Remastered just playing re-releasing. Mario Games like galaxy sunshine etc. Do you think there will be piecemeal order? You think they'll bundle like Super Mario all stars. Let's start there Andrea when you see this and we're talking about this release schedule. Five Star. Man's talk you brought up to right of like comfort food in this time. Twenty twenty being a weird spot for Nintendo. Do you see this being one game or do you see these being spread out. That's actually a really interesting idea. I mean my gut would say spread out because sell them all individually. You make more money than you allow people to kind of pick which ones they want making bundle isn't necessarily a bad idea either. Making it like Mario Legacy collection could because then you make it one price point and then everybody buys it no matter what because they want that one game in the collection and then they just get everything else included go either way but I mean I really WanNa see them make Super Mario Galaxy Three Super Mario Odyssey to sure sure? Yeah I can see it both ways and I think it is a situation where you can't your cake and eat it too where I think you could put a Super Mario all stars to or whatever you WANNA call it right and Super Mario all stars switch and having be one bundle of all the Games and then digitally you could sell them all piecemeal as well but as we're talking about for Nintendo the big Cry from the fan base so far this year in Twenty Twenty S. We don't know what they're doing. What does first party Nintendo for switch look like this year in so if Zelda to if metro it if all these games that we do know are in. The works aren't ready. I think doing this piecemeal spacing them out through the year leading up to the new paper Mario. If that is the new the one new Mario Game You have. That's what would make sense to me. I don't think you WanNa blow your Wad who early and put all these amazing games right galaxy. Sixty four sunshine putting them into in Duluth Super Mario world putting all those into one collection is awesome and obviously it would be good intend to move. They sold that at sixty bucks. However I think Ya Number One business wise. You could make money in then number two. You could make a bigger event if hey for this even no. I'M NOT GONNA math. What five month period? Maybe a five month period. We're GONNA have a new mar more new. Mario game every month leading up to a brand brand new Mario game that can be cooling rick. Great Way to celebrate the Thirtieth Anniversary. I agree it would be cool but it'd be very untraditional for Nintendo. They've never done a release like that before and I wouldn't imagine that they would do something dramatically different from a marketing perspective. Right now But I I do think that releasing at least one or two of these titles you know ahead of the fall would be great if we could get something like in. May in June or July around that time frame to kind of titus over until later the holiday that would be awesome. I think that it's great looking at more of their three D. FOCUS. Mario titles for switch because we all know that those two D Games are classic but they've been released on virtually everything that went out and I think that they also want to bolster their Nintendo online subscription service. And a great way to do that. Say Hey let's instead of releasing this for a set price point say oh you can only buy it or you can only download it if you get an intendo online subscription. Much like the DIPA Tetris. Ninety nine when it first came out so I don't I mean I don't know I mean speculation. We can speculate. Oh we want. I'm just glad that this is hopefully happening. That's bigger thing to I. Hope it's real. It sounds so great and it sounds awesome. I would love to galaxy again and I would love to see. I've played sixty four sixty four. I skip the DS Earth radius remake. So getting that back seeing those obviously hate on sunshine all the time. But that's just because I was disappointed with at the time I'd love to play it again and see how it holds up More Mario generals great idea agree with both what Tim said. And then the excitement over having Super Mario Three D world which wasn't game. I really did enjoy but only really play during Aegean. Let's plays I don't. I never actually put money many hours in because at home. I hated my we you so much for us to turn it off. I mean I don't I don't blame you for hatred. It was just. It was just one of those periods of Nintendo's history that we all prefer to maybe not remember But I think that it's interesting kind of looking at some parts of the questions here of you know. Are we going to get something? Besides you know Mario and the holiday and I don't I don't think so. I think if Mario is going to be the franchise that Nintendo decides to go with for twenty twenty especially in a year. That's really important for them to hold their own against the brand new consoles coming from xbox and playstation they wanna go with their biggest gun and their biggest gun is definitely. Mario and we don't traditionally see Nintendo release multiple large franchise next to each other right. We're not GONNA get like Zelda and Mario like eating November. I mean it's possible that you know with animal crossing being right now that that's like there for the first year. Then second half is going to be Mario. I don't anticipate them saying. Oh you know what? Let's throw some metro in. Let's those in there.

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