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I'm joined now by Alexandra msuic Alexandra has been a member of the NSS Council since twenty nineteen, she's currently fellow at Trinity. Lovin. Specializing in piano accompaniment, she also works as a schoolteacher Primary. Secondary School Level Alex Festival the music he would playing today. This was for the recruiting. This was Frederic Chopin spell at number four in minor apostasy to why did you choose this piece of music? Well. Hello. An festival. I chose this piece of music simply because it was with me for a very long time I learned it when I was quite young and it was actually at the moment when I was. A little bit my own beliefs, the state of me until now and piece of course is by Polish composer Chopin. which you know gives a little bit of the I guess patriotism in a good sense of the word picture. Are. We could talk about this for a long time, but let's just move onto the national. Secular Society. Issues. Now. You have recently been involved with Keith put is would enjoy meeting and NSS mission to the UN. In, particular to the conventional rights of the child, which was an alternative report on Poland. What exactly what you in Keith. Hoping to achieve by this I was simply helping kief with all the resources and translation because we were under the impression. That's a lot of things happening in Poland or detail behind a certain issues might not reach. The convention simply because of the language. So we want the convention to be more aware of the problems so they can later intend. Ask. Poland to clarify certain things or to improve certain things what I was doing. I was trying to contacts, lots of organizations and individuals in Poland who are simply unaware of the possibility to submit certain. Reports or simply their views on things. Again because of language issues or perhaps education issues and I encouraged organizations to right to the convention simply. So they have a very full picture and they can know what's happening and in a very practical efficient manner ask Poland to fix what needs to be fixed. I was talking to Kinda, just now about some of the issues. Facing Poland on under the government of the law and Justice Party and president through the Anti Ns submission covered quite a lot of issues in particular you were focusing on the issue of education of children specifically with go to the provision of lgbt teaching. Then Keith was focusing on issues of child abuse in the Catholic Church. So what we owe particular points you were trying to make in this document. Well, the main point that I was trying to make is that the Catholic Church went too far with influencing education, and of course, the sex education is most influenced by simply because of the set of values that the Catholic is trying to push and my big belief is that you noticed very. Is Extremely important simply to develop Cetin tolerance or certain open mindedness and also. into, but also to give them a sense of their own rights and my unfortunately, my view is that the head is attempting to Deaden and to somehow mute this part of education and to influence it too much which we wouldn't let happen in any other subjects. You would hope what what's in particular is the church doing. So. They basically push. The ideology of what is wrong and what s right ignoring their specialists and ignoring the scientific or psychological advice that we should be following really in schools in particular day, they avoid teaching about LGBT topics. Exactly I mean, you know if you are lucky, you will simply have nothing about the LGBTQ it's already bad enough because you can't exclude to Dron from knowing things about themselves even. That's already bad. But what they also do or at least they they allow it was bad enough. They often say that the lgbt community or or ideology as they call, it should be cured and evil, and of course, children's minds are really easily influenced, and that causes a huge mental health crisis among young people is, is this something that is happening in Poland now that? Is really seeing children who've been influenced in this by the Catholic Church develop and have problems? Yes. For? Sex. In itself doesn't actually exist what we've got this so-called education in family life, and that gives you a clue what deterred is trying to do or the government if you're like at the moment because the family by Polish Catholic standards isn't a man and a woman and that's it. So if you've got it well the marriage of men and a woman of course. So if you've got a subject in schools is called education in family life, it automatically excludes. LG. Community. Now, Kaya was altogether quite positive I. think we're all about the future of Poland. She said that that was quite a lot of resistance to the conservatism being pushed by the current government ten Catholic. Church. Would you agree with that? There is a lot of resistance and. Some institutions to work extremely well in Poland, and there there is resistant especially from big cities. From the legal. Community and from young people as well and we hope that the more extreme behavior we see from. Religious extremists really and right-wing politicians as well. The more kind of liberal or center ground. person. Will be willing. To protest. Finally, Alex did you have any other comments or reflections on what Kyle was saying? Well Kayak touched on very many important issues. But She Might have also noticed that you know in Poland we've got fantastic free press still am we've got at our ombudsman? Who is a bit of a hero at the moment for for example? Being able to sue some of the municipalities that were declared a WT free zones and winning. So what exactly is his role? Well, he is the human rights ombudsman simply, and he is a very liberal person. He's a professor of law. At the moment, he is one of the last set of. People standing in public a world that is very, very strongly against the conservative Catholic ideology and he apart from being a fantastic lawyer and quite powerful person. He also organizes educational events. Cooperates with universities and he's quite bold essentially in his movements against well, I don't want to say conservative government I guess because it helps offend somebody but government in Poland at the moment right an and what's his name? Adam Baden. And just just looking forward. Alex from your point of view what what are the next steps of the NSS going to be in regard to Poland? We.

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