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Karn. How are you good right before we started recording? You said something brilliant and I would like for you to repeat that quote because it could become a mantra to others. Yeah write it down. If you're driving your car I said so. That's a disaster faster but I'm enjoying it. You guys with all twenty nine hundred eighteen. So that's a disaster but I'm enjoying it. I mean it can be. It can be applied to any situation like you've left a tissue when your laundry. Maybe not that that just happened to me yesterday. Housing it but like for me it it it applies to a situation where the man Because it's important to. Let's see what's in front of you you know. Let's not let's not mince words well. Part of this is calling a spade a spade like it's a disaster but let's just roll with this thing thing for awhile. Yeah call disaster disaster but it could apply to anything it could be like you burn the pancakes. It could be like you invited people over for or like a brunch and it goes bad. Oh you invited people over and then you just WanNa go to bad like that's also just bad. That's not something that see. It's it's it's tough to. It's tough to make sense of this. You just have to recognize it when it is applicable and it will be and the next two weeks. I bet our listeners have a situation where they're like so that was a disaster when you have one put it on twitter tag and use Hashtag. That's a disaster. The influence her for the first time in my life at just pop fashion. Oh yeah that is our. That's our twitter meter. So yeah because maybe we'll get through through the end of two thousand nineteen together folks. This is about building community. We're just trying to get through and survive and but I really. I gotTa tell you guys if I don't buy a twenty twenty planner like very soon. I'M GONNA lose my mind. I keep flipping into my planner to like write things down and there are no pages to put in that twenty twenty. It's coming fast. Yo Calendar Year abruptly cut off at the end. It's like the finale of the Sopranos. There is no topping that. Let's just go to fashion news. Let's move on tells the story First Story Prada Oughta Laurie. AL signed a deal. Oh Yeah like the Devil Wears Prada signed a deal with Laurie how they made a deal regarding a long-term term beauty licence. And it's about money honey. As estimated that product fragrances generate one hundred million euros annually. Dan Yuli this deal. Goes into effect. January twenty twenty one so we have to wait just a little bit for it a quote by the CEO of product. Sad Eh quote. Laurie Al is the leading global beauty company. Its position at experience makes it the ideal partner for Prada to develop its potential across a variety. Heidi of new projects so lori was to delve deeper into designer fragrances. They currently have deals with Valentino. And Giorgio Armani the Laurie outlooks division. which kind of takes ownership over this fragrance and this designer project they were up eighteen point four percent last quarter order? They are doing well and this category where Laurie allies in one corner. And Cody is in the other. They're going head to head for like the biggest names named the best products they're running after those revenues cody got ahead and twenty sixteen when it acquired luxury perfume licenses from procter and gamble. I'll try to catch up sense than so signing this deal is huge for them. Surprise me that they went in this direction. Though what do do you think about it. Lisa Fragrance licensing is truly. where the money is I think if I could go back in time getting a little time machine go back to college? I would want go into perfume. I don't think there's like a major for that but like it would be mysteriously. Chemistry would probably be the way to go terrible at math so that would be bad but there is something about fragrance that is a real asset to a beauty company because it is timeless like beauty trends will come and go. Oh but there's always going to be a desire for fragrance does is for fragrance to like elevate your aesthetic whether you want to got like a rollerball because you're maybe like younger. WanNa save some money or you WanNa give a gift or you want to splurge on something like there's there's just something about fragrance earns that is always so attractive in terms of just like sheer consumerism. Yeah 'cause everyday luxury right yes I mean like I have one nice bottle perfume I put it on whenever I leave the House and people know me for that sent sent as a signature. Yeah and that's how I lower in the men who are disasters. All ties together works every time disaster perfume by product. You guys can take that market that and Yeah No. I think this is a really smart move for Laura Media Michio property to have fragrance before this under another conglomerates merits that their fragrance for years and years so they basically just like switch teams but I think Lori was doing so well that I think they're going to be bolster by this. I think is a good deal for both sides. Yeah that's all right keep it fresh. Keep it moving man. Tell you love being around somebody. That smells good. It's just just a delight it's like exponentially better than being around someone who doesn't smart it. I hear smells amazing and maybe one day Ed will be close enough to find that out for myself. I doubt it but somebody can dream. That's a really good dream. Hold onto that one. How will lil? I'm speaking it into existence. Don't give up on that one. You never know when you might run into reread. I have no good way to transition into in this next story but it's a big investigative report that recently came out from the New York Times and it's about Fashion Novo who we talked about last last week last week. Yeah we were talking about. How quickly fashioned Nova makes clothing and how so often they are making dupes of celebrity? Looks is or something that's very trendy and that's how they has sort of one. Fashion game is that they are on top of every trend and they get stuff out on the shelves super-quick crack and the way that they can do that is because a lot of their clothing is made in Los Angeles at one point eighty percent of the company's items were made the US now it's a little bit closer to fifty percent but according to the New York Times the Company's workforce in the US may include people who are paid illegally really low wages. The United States Labor Department's wage in our division has discovered that between two thousand sixteen and now fashion Nova clothing was made in dozens of factories that owed three point eight million dollars in back wages to hundreds of workers cheese. Those factories who are hired hired by middlemen to make garments for brands paid their sewers as little as two seventy seven an hour according to a source familiar with the investigations. Let's so fashion Nova does not deal directly with factories instead. It places book orders with companies that design the clothes and then ship the fabric to to contractors where workers stitch the clothing together and then then they put fashion Novas label on them. The Labor Department has apparently met with Fashion Nova about this in a statement to the New York. Times and attorney for the company said any suggestion that Fashion Nova is responsible for underpaying. Anyone working on our brand is categorically false. One woman who said she sewed Fashion Nova items at a factory. Called Coco Love in Twenty fifteen worked in a building that apparently smelled like a bathroom. And there were cockroaches and rats. He worked every single day of the week and earned an average of two hundred seventy dollars per week. Oh my God that is the equivalent of four dollars and sixty six cents per hour under federal law. Brands cannot be penalized for wage theft in factories. If they can credibly claim that they did not know their clothes were made by workers getting paid illegally. Low wages this is why their supply chain so convoluted because they want it to be convoluted exactly. The Labor Department has collected millions and back wages than penalties ladies from Los Angeles garment businesses in recent years. But it has not find a retailer this year. Fashion Novas labels were the ones found most frequently late by federal investigators looking in garment factories that pay egregiously low wages and that again is according to a person who's familiar with these investigations so the Labor Department did not come out and release all of this data. The New York Times somehow got a hold of it and was able to look through it and then do their own research which on this they also talked to some people who have worked in these factories in La have been paid really. Low wages have worked under very concerning in conditions and one of the things that they brought up. Is that even if a factory got shut down for these practices. It's very easy for another one to spring under a new name and be doing the same thing So it's sort of like playing like whack a mole in this district in Los Angeles where it's sort of like everybody. Everybody knows everyone. And if you WANNA job you've got to be able to keep up you know like you have to. You have to stick around that area if you live in L. A.. And you WANNA work in fashion passion production or if you just need a freaking job right if you just need some money in exchange for some work except it's going to be shipped on a work and it's going to be paid shed shit because the system is fucked up. Yeah I just you know we think that like if a has a made in America label on it that it's safe that everything is fine. There's just not that way. That's not the reality of it is happening right under our noses. I'm so thankful that this report by The New York Times came out a number of people message. Assist us about it today so I'm glad that people are finding it and taking it seriously and that it was something that they took time to report on. Yeah I have a feeling. We'll be continuing to follow the situation. So keep an eye out on that we will too but you know it was one of those things where I found this like first thing in the morning when I was going through my news feeds and I was like Falker. We really starting the week like this. And yes we are. Yes Ma'am Oh yes we our next story. Hey let's go to a place a storyline that I like to Call C. E. O.'s getting canned because folks. A lot of people got fired this past week. The Sea in CEO stands for canned canned e. Oh that's what it is and executive officers the funniest thing I've come up with and of course those comes with a little side side note that of course the companies aren't saying that these people were fired but you draw your own conclusions. Okay Kate Spade. CEO was let go. Your Caseload is owned by a conglomerate call tapestry tapestry announced last week that CEO..

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