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Trae who do you have got Yokich? I had him beat this morning. But then I was looking through all of these so-called numbers. And it was trying to keep things consistent so yoga just played fourteen more games than Embiid that really matters big games. Played guy when it comes to. Like, the first thing is quality Yokich. Embiid are the top two centers in the league this year. Like Rudy go bears. Played seventy eight games. I'm not putting him on my first team because he played a game extra over Nicole Yokich, but the quality of Yokich and beat sets them apart centers. And then I think that they're so close together for how important they are to their team that Yokich being out there for fourteen more games means quite a bit to me is this is so funny. I did the exact same thing this morning. I had him beat as my first team. And then I sort of was like, you know, it's like, okay. It's it's tough between the two I you said it to earlier tests. Like, I do believe I always the better player, but he's more dominant player if that makes sense between the two. Oh, yeah. Can beat. It's definitely better. But yeah. And then I did sort of caught me by surprise the games played. And I was like that's a decent chunk the seventy seven for Yokich right now as of Friday and then to sixty three two and beat. So I did bump I got Yokich kitchen there. They played down the first they play different 'em beats more of a sort of big bully guy. I to get down and use his body, whereas Yokich is more finesse. I mean, he's averaging seven and a half assists, again leaning it up points per game was twenty but he's still shooting fifty one percents on the field, eleven rebounds. But, but I was I mean, I know we get a lot of assistants like he's not that far away from averaging adult double himself. I mean, he probably won't ever get it in his career. But I mean, just like emptied schools more points, but he just gets the ball, and he likes shoot more than he likes to get inside more than York, but Yokich is way more happy to facilitate when needed like look at them beads game versus the bucks last night. Even a monster game. Triple double Janas even more impressive game in a weird way. But like looking at me shots and beat feed them feed them feed them. I mean, he's either going to get to the line or he's going score. Four and yet not that you're not ever going to really see that from a yoga. He's happy to get the bowl. And then just kick it out and keep it moving and he stills putting up incredible numbers and also the nuggets season. I mean, again, there are only three wins more than Philadelphia. So that's taught but the nuggets of improved so much that I gave the not Yokich is well for that. Who did you go with first team center Nikolay? Okay. Yeah. Okay. So we all did in the end. Well, I think Yokich has had a very weird season when you actually look at it splits, and you go back and remember like his months like he started finding October K great. Then he had a very very weird November. Like that was a down month. He scored like fourteen a game sad guy. Yeah. There's all sort of depressed that we had that little weird stretch where he was like. Yeah. What are you doing out there for like three or four games? Then he killed it killed it, December January February, and he sort of now sort of as his team has struggled a little bit yet has sort of fallen off a little bit here in March and now into April. So it's just a weird sort of weird little up and down ear for Yokich, but overall pretty dominant. Okay. So second team a lot of the guys we've said here. The the two guards everybody has either Lillard or curry. So the three of us tacitly and myself, we have Lillard there. Trae had him on the first team. That's a no brainer yet. Yeah..

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