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Who so closely associated the subject that is Joe Frazier with your father's. Well who died seventeen years ago at the age of sixty nine after his great career? What did it mean to you on a personal level? And how did it connect you with your father again? Well, my dad as you say passed away in two thousand two and he's really never far from my thoughts. You know, we, we were very close and admired him tremendously and his, his work, and, you know, I just never dreamed that I would be doing a book on Joe Frazier. I figured that was his that was his, you know area of expertise and his territory. And you know, editors over the years at asked me to write about Joe, they live. They knew that I lived in Philadelphia. In fact, the book editor in two thousand eight asked me to consider a biography of Joe and I rejected it at the time, but, you know, it was I was sitting in my office about, I don't know four or five years. After Joe died two thousand six two thousand sixteen. I guess it was and I just got the thinking that, you know, if somebody writes, his book, ten years from now, everybody that knew Joe is going to be virtually gone. And they'll have the write the book, they'll have to write the book from clips, you know, and sort of piece it together and not having any first-hand knowledge in, and as soon as I thought of that, you know, I became flooded with chills, I felt like there was it was some sort of cosmic traffic light. That was turning from red degreen, and I just had a sense that my father's spirit was with me, and I'm as I'm talking to you. Now, I have these same chills. I just feel like you know. He just, you know, it was with me every step of the way with this as I said, it's, it's a terrific testament, not only not only to Joe but a dad's legacy as well. If I may say, Mark ram juniors new. Thank you. New biography of Joe Frazier is smoking Joe in markets. Always a pleasure. Thank you so much for having joined us. Thank you, Jerry. I do. Appreciate it. Thanks for having joined us. I'm Jeremy shop and this has been the sporting life on ESPN radio. Tune in again next weekend. We're on every Saturday and every Sunday morning at six eastern time..

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