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Coming up on kcbs the latest on this shooting at a high school in florida the gun the person who was shooting that god is still on the loose the ethnic time 1245 steve vickers got our sports update pitchers in captors reported yesterday to the giants today's spring training camps in scottsdale and mesa with warconcept for today as they are with most teams in the majors position players do in camp by sunday cloudy skies today in the valley of the sun highs in the mid 60s some showers tomorrow but sunny skies with temperatures in the low 70s in the forecast for the weekend then continuing for at least another week in mesa cubs president theo epstein said he's thrilled to have signed free agent starter yu darvish to a sixyear deal yeah you as a was our primary target create this is a great day for the cubs organization to to welcome a picture of this calibre varies is probably the know the preeminent strike out pitcher of our generation incredible physical abilities and and i think we're getting amount of wonderful pointed this career uh breeze really matured and um is ready to go out and do some some special thanks with winning a world series being his top priority as also our top priority the thirty one year old darvish ten and twelve three eighty six era two hundred nine strikeouts with texas and la last season won both starts in the lds nlcs gave up just two runs in eleven and a third innings with fourteen strikeouts only to implode in the world series giving up eight runs in three and a third innings losing both starts including game seven it was revealed afterward that he'd been tipping his pitches and one sat nude in baseball today the passing of tito francona the father of cleveland manager terry francona tito passing away last night at his home into brocton pennsylvania at the age of eighty four spent fifteen years in the majors sports at fifteen.

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