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But then they are faking their American accent, which is real. Levels member member that movie the movie, I love the Luca guate- Day. AL. I saw that twice theaters. I'm a lunatic. But is insane. This Tilda Swinton was playing everyone was like losing their minds because Tilda Swinton was playing a Russian woman who emigrated to Italy and had to speak Italian in a Russian accent allege. I'm telling you anyone. This little I'm saying Vanessa Hudgens is on that level. Anyone who plays their own twin? And yes, I can't the deuce James Franco, the deuce counts. Low him Lindsay Lohan Trump is her best performance. You don't ever top the parents clapping? I know you're getting emotional because of it. I hear you clapping. Okay. Anyways. This looks incredible. I love Princess. I love swab. I love an Esa Hudgens. I love European nation guy. Love among your Leah. Like take me to like some like non-racist version of what you think Europe is, you know, so linzie we are I think intimately familiar with two movies starring some of our faves that take place in fictional European nations. Let me see if you can name those nations. It's just a very spontaneous quit very spontaneous quiz. The first one. The first one is the terminal starring Tom Hanks Tom Hanks from fictional European countries. And you Herman all I don't name that. I can't I can't. The K krecko via crack, it's really close. It's Kosheh crows fad because I just guessed that. Okay. Okay. I haven't seen. Honestly, I love Hegg's. But I've not seen the terminal that often it is a tough movie to watch anyways terminals. Really great. I think it's a fantastic sad. It's sad for me. It's I don't I know. It's a it's a very like it's a melancholy move. That's why like I'm not out here watching the terminal casualty very sweet girl. Cosseted Jones, isn't it? Yeah. Okay. What's second quiz? I'm gonna I'm gonna count that as as right via second one second movie, we wash constantly I think maybe seventy five percent of at my bachelor party, a little film called the beautician and the. Sticks place in a fictional European nation. If that is led by Timothy Dalton it's a Russian Jason like trying to be like it's Russia, but yet, it's like stolen. We're friendly Russia or something. No, no, no, it's s- Thrush. It's yet think eastern European. Yeah. I'm just now. It's it's starts with an S. Now, just being like, I don't like I'm just making up words like I don't that sound Russian. That's how you think that's not how the writers. Did it stood Surra, bro? Vase wrong. You're not gonna get it. Slow bitsy. Slow vets GO. Let's fuck and like slow bits..

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