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Is All Things Considered from NPR news I'm Mary Louise Kelley and now to a totally different world a much more soothing world. the world of pop rocks we don't make mistakes use you know all we do is have happy accidents in our world Ross rose to public media fame in the nineteen eighties and nineties with his TV show the joy of painting where he became known for his big bushy hair and his vivid landscapes maybe their lives I have a little evergreen tree right there when Ross died in nineteen ninety five he left behind thousands of paintings but they rarely go on display so when a solo exhibition of his work open last month there was huge demand from fans across the country including NPR's own cat Leinsdorf. the soothing sound of a paint brush on campus was a signature of Bob Ross watch any episode and you'll be lulled by. and occasionally and it fills the space of a show at the Franklin park art center in Purcellville Virginia two where fans have come to learn to paint in his style surrounded by his work you know and just think trait noticed cap cap cap any old place remember trees have gaps in them. at the front of the class is Sandra hill I am a certified Ross instructor yup a certified Ross instructor or C. R. I. there are over three thousand see our eyes in the country and this is what they do teach the wet on wet oil painting style of Bob Ross guy taught hundreds and hundreds of people how do you do Bob Ross hill became a C. R. I. over twenty years ago after she retired from a government job and she thought she was just taking a painting class and that's all I thought it was we were painting but it turned out to be a certification course and our goal that they give you this certificate you became a certified Bob Ross instructor by accident. that's right that's just seems like the most Bob Ross thing ever and that you had a happy little accident by becoming a Bob Ross instructor exactly. the students at today's class all have palette set out with Ross the signature colors titanium white alizarin crimson midnight black and we're going to pounce into a low blow a few women in the back even have on big bushy Bob Ross style wigs and twenty four of his signature landscapes lined the walls practically whispering encouragement to the budding artists. this class doesn't happen here every day though usually the show is open to visitors and there have been a lot Justin this month will welcome about fifteen thousand Elizabeth Bracey is the director here she works with the nearby Bob Ross ink which owns most of his paintings to put the show together we knew it was going to be popular but not like this it's gone viral as they say you might be surprised by that there are a lot of people who think Ross is work is tacky I am not one of them in person his paintings have incredible depth and detail the exhibit is a Wonderland of colorful sunsets forests tucked in the snowy mountains and waves crashing against rocky cliffs so this one's called splendor of autumn another water scene with birch trees in the front just to get a handle on next to each painting is a quote from Ross something he said during that episode and the quote says if.

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