Business Owner, Spencer, North Charleston Police Department discussed on TMA Morning Show with Charlie James


Signaling their oh and also speaking of pastor thomas dixon this was an interesting tweet yesterday we heard that a store owner in north charleston convenience store employees unintentionally shot himself yesterday while he was trying to intervene in a fight that broke out between a knifewielding customer and the business owner so the employees shot himself in the fi while taking his firearm out of his pocket during the confrontation having around one thirty in the morning at max quick stop on mcmillan avenue according to spencer prior with the north charleston police department the employees who has a concealed weapon permit was trying to step in after a highly intoxicated customer pulled out a box cutter and threatened to cut the owner according to spencer prior the altercation escalated after the customer was asked to leave and then the owner and the customer exchanged words so the the employees the store who had a concealed weapons permit goes to intervene accidentally shoots himself in the five we'll thomas dixon apparently found that to be pretty funny because he posted on twitter stop or i'll shoot myself nice sorry this is according thomas dixon sorry this could have went really bad really fast y'all please forgive me i couldn't help myself i guess he thinks he thinks that twenty i guess he thinks you injuring yourself in trying to protect your business or someone else is a funny matter wonder i didn't see any real and didn't see him speaking out against the perpetrator of.

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