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Kill topic shame to the topic shame you topic final thoughts. talking about this I've got to go on the site. college athletes should get paid I think it's great that should be regulated. but they should get a percentage of what what other people are making off of them all right let's move on from this so I'm not sure about how I feel about this next story what is the most ridiculous politically correct thing that that you've ever heard of what in rage is you and makes you feel like you can't even say anything anymore is there something that you heard in the news or something that's happened I I feel like I've hit my breaking point so the newest politically correct word that we're not allowed to use is guys. the take a listen to this piece by now this which was going viral online take a listen Hey guys welcome back to now this. guys is a simple terms it could mean always or if your modern hip it means people at first glance guy seems inviting friendly maybe warm even comedic at times but it like many male default term should not be normalized as an all encompassing phrase com on. come on. and my head hurts Howard Dean scream two thousand four. boy. listen guys I mean people I feel like that is almost more degrading when you say Hey people like wait what did you mean by people are you classifying maybe as a specific person. no Hey guys it's just the language Hey guys how aria thanks guys and it means it's inclusive of everybody I think guys I think girls I think everybody uses the term guys in one way or another now here's the interesting thing because I need.

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