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My right to our left. All alone in the backfield is the quarterback harbors receivers on both sides. Makes two steps back. Looks around, throws off balance. Oh, great catch outstanding effort again by Jake taught us but there is a flag on the play, and it's in the area of holding a boy. What a shame that was a big first down pass could be a late hit to the because garbage got hit late. Personal foul roughing the passer Mike. How about that 15 yards? If you had it to the end of the road automatic first out, so they get 16 Plus 15. That's a heck of a big deal. Dylan important Senior defensive end out of Frisco, Texas, actually came in as a safety ended up playing defensive end spot but a little bit too much on the end of the play there great job by chase to get that ball off catchable ball, but a fantastic catch. By Tom just to get it across the middle, and they got hands to the face, which is where the roughing comes from. Fort Clark is out the left so as Christopher Brooks Shotgun formation. Nobody else in the backfield with quarterback throws it way downfield. It's over. Everybody test looking down the left sideline near to the goal line. T. J. Carter had the coverage on the flight. But there was no way that was going to be completely Clark like it. Get into the opponent's into the field, and that's the place. You take a shot right away. Put that ball up. Take a shot. Stretch that defense make them think about that Deep ball. Now that opens up your running game, it opens up your underneath. Stuff your hook around your curl routes. Kind of your crossers. And so I don't mind taking that shot at all because you're already in positive territory. 1st and 10 42 Yard line in TCU territory bears trailing 21 to 19. Got count and a running back to the right pressure coming trying to get away. I don't think so. Garbage is going to go down. This time. They had nowhere to go. They closed in on a pretty good tried to go to his right to run away. But Kendrick Van Zandt Was able to stop him and lost three yards on that one. Big third down here, Right? 3rd and 13 affairs have to get it there in that positive territory. Chase stayed the pocket. Nobody opened for me tried to get away at the end, but no doing that time. TCU with good pursuit. For me, he Oh, is not been able to get away much. Today. He's out is the wide receiver to the right. The widest receiver out to the right. Jeremiah hunters the flat receiver Now they put Romeo in the backfield behind the quarterback. Crawford, back to throw stepped up its a quarterback drawn. He's got all sorts of rooms. He keeps going all the way down to about 27 yard Line up PCU and remember, this is a two point game. Wow. Harder caught up with him. TJ Carter senior, but that was a big play of 18 yards. A huge third down conversion there again. That was the key stat coming in. I think that one puts them over 45% on the day, but a big one right now, in a pivotal time this game, Okay fall at the 22 yard line, 1st and 10 for California. Doc gun running back to the left side. Brooks, Chris Brook. And they pitch sweeping to the right to the 20. Oh, it's right to do what Joe Kapil time run over the top of somebody, and he gets down to about what? He got the first down down to the 14 yard line, but he got up limping to. I hate it when guys start hurdling people trying to jump people. It is media that time getting up trying to hurdle on the sideline. He could have been taken a helmet right now. Hip. Yeah. So I just hate seeing guys do that. I understand it right? Because so many guys come low and try to cut flower cut tackle you At that time, the fake low stayed high and made that a rough landing for media another 13 yard game. But the bear is now are all the way down to the 14 yard line with the 1st and 10. Coming right at us and our end zone locations. So to re three receivers stacked to the left side with a run play. That doesn't go anywhere at best. Maybe you got back to the line of scrimmage will give Real credit. We even got a yard out of that one tablet carried by more Damian more and stop by Dylan Horton and why it Harris. We're in the fourth quarter 12 minutes to go. That was good for yard. At most, maybe call yard and a half for getting late 11 50 to go two point game. Shotgun formation carvers with the running back through his right and they go with a run up the middle. He breakthrough Touchdown Byrd. Oh, what a hole the size of the Lincoln Tunnel for that one. As he goes for the run, Damian more against the score those big guys up front. They have not been running the ball extremely well. TCU Very aggressive on that defensive side. But that time they just collapse the right side of the line of scrimmage. Bring the blocker across. Do what they call a split zone upfront, tight end kicks back out and wash across. That's the cut back when you're looking for, and Damian more sought, hit it and got paid for it. 12 yard touchdown. Extra point up and good, So the bears suddenly have the lead back at 26 to 21. How about that? They tuned our coverage continues. This is.

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