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Those are sales that would never end up being realized in print as a physical product from the stores. Who desperately need that. So what we're doing is trying to work with retailers and give them a break by not putting that stuff up on the platform yet. Which for us is is hard to do because would be instantaneous. Solution to the problem but one that wouldn't serve us well in the long run and i just can't read digital comics as much as i try it. It's not as good as physical. It's not like movies or tv or video games where the digital versions just as good. It's it's just different. Just i just can't do it especially when you get a full spread like it's just drives me bonkers. Yeah it does me too. And i think that the best place where they fit for me is volume on an airplane. I m my ipad. You know at that point got five thousand comics with me right so right you know for something like that. It's perfect but i'm a print guy. And i like print so i i hear what you're say out of all the books you've written or started a bene- part of what's the one that stands out the most. I don't know that. I can nail it down to just one. I think that there have been several. Obviously the death of superman is something that stands out of in a very big way. We also had done a couple years after that marvel comics and dc comics together in their competitors right. But we're we all tend to be friends and we did Dc versus marvel. Which was you know. Get the all the heroes from both companies together in which obviously had to end up as a fight scene kind of thing so that's one and also the various things that i've created i had Will and before. I even get into that. I would say you know. I wrote sore at marble for about seven years so that was a good fun. Time also did spiderman and captain america there and then you know at dc Created a character called booster gold who has managed to last this long. So i'm gonna give you a round of applause. Yesterday i love booster. But yeah i mean it's i can't narrow it down to one are several different things but i think you hit on some of my favorite work of yours. You also did some stuff at valiant right like solar solar. Yeah that was amazing. That was a great run and then looking forward to to where we're going with comics and Kind of the state of the business has been doing some interesting things with the black series or the black label. Is that something you think. You'll pursue at some point. Potentially i would like to Right now it's a question of just trying to stay on top of everything that i do have as well as a couple of other things we're trying to get going And you know earlier. We kind of had a similar format that we just called. You know the prestige line am. I did several projects along that that fit into that format. And what's nice about. It is a chance to be a square bound format. No way adds anything like that. Yeah it's a. It's an for an artist especially that's a very fun way to work but because you can visualize more easily what it's going to look like as opposed to drawing page eighteen and then when the book comes out you see like this big garish. Add right next to it that interrupts the story. Close sequence so yeah. It's a nice way to work and you've been doing this forever at d. c. You have the clout to just be like. Sorry brian michael benders. But you know. I'm going to do this series for a bit and how you approached with characters and work like that i you know it's always a mix and and that's because there is never a winner path To creation is what. I always tell people that ideas are generated in a different way project. Concepts are generated in a different way. Sometimes it will be as as goofy as a couple people sitting down and having lunch and you start play the what if game and the next thing you know that turns into a tangible project other times it will be me saying to a couple of people you know. Try this try this and it becomes a project other times your phone rings and they'll say hey we've taken doing this and that you'd be perfect for would you be interested it things come about in a variety of different ways. Tell me about gen five. What can you tell me about that. That is something we are working on right now. So you know what had been released in the press. Is this idea that dc would be relaunching something later this year or wanting project call generation five as as something that would take another look at the heroes that are there My name was listed with a couple of others in terms of something that would start up. And it's we're still working on it. We're fine tuning it as thanks go on so oh i don't have a final answer for you yet because right now we honestly don't know what that final answer is but it's something we're still going to get to and hopefully We'll have some better answers. Maybe in a month or two and again that pins a lot on what happens in our real lives outside our windows. I'm guessing the justice league led by booster gold. I think that would be an awesome start. I could see that as a cover dan. Hey thank you so much for taking the time today. Best of luck to you out there. Stay safe and can't wait to see what comes hopefully sooner than later right exactly in the same to you guys. Take our okay you too..

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