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Almost five forty agribusiness brief time with orient good morning is I only look at those screens of last Friday's market activity wondering if we're going to see a repeat as we start this trading week all red screens for the grain and livestock trade as they all moved lower and another thing that happens once a year and it's happening starting this week in Argentina farm groups because they're unhappy with the government go on strike all four Argentine farm groups will join a four day crops failed strikes starting today and and it's in protest of a recent increase in soy export taxes so whether that happens every year and we don't necessarily look forward to it but it happens regardless U. S. D. A.'s said Friday it will prohibit shipments of all trades for at least three days information ever finds that cases of African swine fever federal government is preparing to contain and the renegade African swine fever if it spreads to the United States to avoid the type of devastation seen in China where the disease has reduced the heard by more than forty percent and the consumer pork prices are at all time record highs for a very important ingredient in the Chinese menu there's another portion of the conservation reserve program signed up getting under way and that's the conservation reserve program grassland that gives you the opportunity to put passengers and cover crops in the program and still be able to.

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