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And if you think about pulling back a little bit to the last fifty or sixty years and as old as many of us are were not old enough to remember them but what we've we've seen the world that was created it was a stable world in part because the us was seen as the sort of hugged that the other parts of the world order revolved around in answered extended from if the us disappears than you see the wto the trade rules begin to crumble you see world war two things like nato began to crumble and then sort of every country for itself in china is a big country well let's talk a little bit about america's allies as we continue our conversation with you'll he driesen of fox christian carl of washington post and indira lakhshman on of the boston globe and the poynter institute india there have been a number of fights that the president picked with some of our closest allies in 2017 at various moments he quarrelled with the leaders of britain and france and germany and canada i wonder where you see those damaged relationships or at least bent relationships going in 2018 are there one or two of those ally relationships that stand out the most in terms of the potential to be really consequential this year well look the most egregious in terms of insulting a close ally not once but many many times despite their begging him not to continue is certainly with the uk and i'm talking about the president's decision to reach tweets and videos made by a farright essentially racists nationalist british party um that was associated with um you know who had a supporter who murdered a british member of parliament um you know and basically retweeting some videos that were not real that claimed that there was a moslem abusing a child in that was in fact not the case um essentially conspiracy theory and false videos and the president not only refused to unreached tweet them you know he continued to stand by what he said he also insulted the mayor of london um when there was a terrorist attack and basically said oh look you know.

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