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Was we've lost this game we're not coming back now it's seven to one or it's six to one and we're not gonna win this game we're facing chris sale and i don't wanna burn through the bullpen but remember he led cain le give up the double d mookie betts walk a bunch of guys give up the double d jd martinez give up the sacked fly to diverse which was well hit walking other guy before he finally took him out but from an endgame standpoint so far i'm not blaming aaron boone for what's going on but it's fair to say hey when you're talking about a rookie manager with no experience who came in with huge expectations for a team you don't know what's going to happen because if the yankees keep losing the questions are going to get tougher the reaction from the media and the fans that's gonna get tougher and even though arab boom was a player and obviously as father was a manager it's different when you're sitting in that hot seat and this is some seat you sitting in you sit in the manager's office of former legends whether it's joe torry or it's casey stangl or to miller huggins or you name it you are in quite a chair you're sitting in and the expectations are very very high and that's why at five and six and losing to the red sox fourteen to one you're going to get yankee fans call this radio station worried more your calls coming up we've got the yankee turning point contest this hour well chance to win yankee tickets and it's admirations wednesday a chance at really good yankee tickets later on in the show we'll get into the red hot mets at eleven joe will be back with us he has a doctor's appointment today but he'll be back with us probably around eleven am as you were watching the yankees red sox game last night in the freezing cold fenway park you're probably looked at the grass and said you gotta be kidding me it's thirty eight degrees it's beautiful grass i want my lawn to look like that because that's what i've always thought about ever since i moved into a house a couple of years ago my goal has been how do i make my lawn look as good as one of these baseball fields or one of these country clubs and i tried on my own and i failed miserably but now i'm getting help and now you can get help from tiedin brown.

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